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CRC Race Results: Team CRC Japan dominates the Milk Cup!
TeamCRC Racing - events and results

Team CRC Japan dominates the Milk Cup!


Here is the race report from TEAM CRC JAPAN:

TEAM CRC JAPAN participated in the Milk Cup held with KAWABA RC Plaza at the end of last week(Aug22). The Japanese national race is done in this place in October. Therefore, the Milk Cup is a warm-up race for the national race.
Team drivers of each company also participated in Milk Cup. World Champion Matsukura of Team Yokomo also participated.

All Team CRC Japan driver selected XL chassis and Black Diamond speed control. Though a lot of driver used Black Art racing body, some driver used AMR12 to correspond to the road grip that changed hour by hour depending on the road surface temperature.

We had excellent chance to acquire TQ. However, we had some misfortunes in some points. But all three Team CRC Japan drivers acquired A main starting positions.

TQ : N.Arai (kawada)

2nd : Hayato Ishioka (CRC XL + BlackDiamond)

3rd : E.Morohashi (Collary)

4th : M.Murai (YOKOMO)

5th : Toshiki Kunitomo (CRC XL + BlackDiamond + Blackart)

6th : Naoto Matsukura (YOKOMO)

7th : M.Yanai (Laje)

8th : A.Hasegawa (kawada)

9th : Shizuo Tanaka (CRC XL + BlackDiamond + Blackart)

10th : N.Watanabe (Rev6)

*CRC chassis was most used chassis in Amain

Hayato acquired 2nd place in 1st Amain race and 1st place in 2nd Amain race.
And, he dominate the milk cup

Amain result:
1st : Hayato Ishioka (CRC XL + BlackDiamond) 2nd : Naoto Matsukura (YOKOMO) 3rd : N.Arai (kawada)

This is video of the Amain races. Hayato of 2nd place becomes top as for either race an immediate after of start it.

1st race : Ishioka vs Matsukura

2nd race : Ishioka vs Arai


We attained good results in the warm-up for Japanese national race.
Great results are expected for national race in October also.


Posted on Thursday, August 26 @ 15:33:14 CDT by john
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TeamCRC Racing - events and results

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