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Calandra Racing Concepts Inc.: New Products from TeamCRC

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CRC Product News: New year, new products!

Happy New Year!


New products WTF-1 goodies from Team CRC!


CNC machined upper A-arms found on the 2017 Vegas and Cleveland winning CRC WTF-1 now available.

New from Team CRC are the A-arms we have received a lot of requests for. First spotted on Frank Calandra's Cleveland T.Q. car in 2016, the prototype A-arms have been refined and tweaked and are now ready for public consumption (well, please don't eat them, but put them on your WTF-1). The arms are strong, precision manufactured and make a great car even better.

CRC Product News: New Products from Team CRC


New products at CRC!

Superflex 14 Copper-max wire

CRC's new Superflex 14 wire out performs its 14 gauge rating, delivering big amperage in a small diameter, ultra flexible package. How? The filaments (strands) of copper are 37.5% thinner than other products on the market. These super fine filaments allows us to add almost double the amount of strands found in most so-called flexible 14 gauge wire. In addition, the super-thin "condom" of insulation is very soft and pliable, yet it still protects the copper!

A "must have" for 1/12th scale and pan car racing because of the flexibility but also suited for most any racing application; 2wd short course + buggy, stock and modified, touring stock, super stock, USGT, VTA and World GT-R.


New Superflex 14

#4307 - 3 feet of both red + black shown above.

CRC Superflex 14 wire is packed with tiny filament, pure copper strands. The smaller strands allow us to almost double the strand count deliver big power with low resistance and super flexbility!

MSRP - $12.99
Item #4307
UPC Product Barcode 800734043072

#4306 - 3 feet of red Superflex 14


MSRP - $6.99
Item #4306
UPC Product Barcode 800734043065
#4308 - 3 feet of red Superflex 14


MSRP - $6.99
Item #4308
UPC Product Barcode 800734043089




New 2s Charge/Balance lead from CRC

CRC's new combo charge and balance lead for 2s cells with the 2mm balance pin. These new leads also include the new 4 to 5 mm bullet adapter to allow you to SAFELY charge and discharge BOTH 4mm and 5mm bullet battery packs with this cable. The 24" long 12 gauge red and black leads make it less likely to reverse the polarity as the entire lead is the proper corresponding color. At the charger end is a low resistance 4mm bullet and XH connector for use in most chargers on the market. At the battery end is soldered on 4mm male bullets for the power and a 2mm banana bullet for balancing. Also included is the 4 to 5 mm adapter allowing you to use the leads on both 4mm and 5mm bullet packs! Unlike stepped adapters, the separate bullet insert has very little exposed metal, practically eliminating the possibility of a short.

2s Charge/balance lead

#4305 Charge/balance lead for 2s packs with the 2mm center balance bullet. Include are the 4/5mm bullet adapters.
#4310 4/5mm bullet adapters - available separate and included in the #4305 charge/balance cable for 2s packs. They install flush, level and SAFE in a standard 2s pack.
The 4 to 5 mm stepped bullets (shown above) found on other cables stick up beyond the cell allowing an open area to short out and possibly cause a fire.
One stray screwdriver or tool and a short is likely!
MSRP - $24.99
Item #4305
UPC Product Barcode 800734043058




Balance Extensions - 2, 3 and 4s

These 24" balance extensions reach from your charger/balance board to the battery. These extensions allow you to space out and organize your charging area so the batteries being charged are not right on top of the charger and each other.


4302 - 2s Balance Extension

MSRP - $5.99
Item #4302
UPC Product Barcode 800734043027

#4303 - 3s balance extension

MSRP - $6.99
Item #4303
UPC Product Barcode 800734043034

#4304 - 4s balance extension

MSRP - $6.99
Item #4304
UPC Product Barcode 800734043041




#4310 - 4mm to 5mm bullet adapters


The adapters are available separately as part #4310. Fit 5mm female battery bullets and most 4mm male charge leads.


#4310 4/5mm bullet adapters - available separate. They install flush, level and SAFE in a standard 2s pack.
MSRP - $5.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734043157



Yuneec Typhoon H and H520 Charge/Balance combo cable.

Something cool for you Yuneec drone pilots. A charge/balance cable you can use on your standard lipo charge system. No need to be locked into Yuneec's proprietary charger, this cable allows you to balance and charge. Charge quicker than stock for more flying time!

#4315 Charge/balance cable for the Yuneec Typhoon H and H520

Plugs right into the Yuneec battery pack!
MSRP - $29.99
Street price $24.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734043157

All in stock for immediate shipment.

CRC Product News: New Zero-flex Carbon fiber for CK25

ZeroFlex (Z-flex) Carbon

Stiff, durable, resilient and low center of gravity.

Z-flex chassis and bottom plate for the

Carpet Knife Twenty5 "CK25"


Compared to aluminum, Z-flex is stiffer, has lower center of gravity with tungsten inserts and returns to flat every time!

CRC Product News: 25 Years of 1/12th scale - The new 2018 car from CRC - Carpet Knife™ Twenty5

Introducing the new 1/12th car from the

World Champions at Calandra Racing Concepts.

The Carpet Knife™ Twenty5


The new 1/12th rocket from Team CRC

CRC's new CK25. The new chassis features all the latest tweaks and improvements to the proven Xti-WC platform.

CRC Product News: New releases from Team CRC!

New products from Team CRC

Fenix Gear Differentials for F1 and Pan Cars!

New releases.... F1 wings + Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec

Team CRC is happy to announce that we will distribute the Fenix racing line in North America. Check our website for more information. Dealer inquires welcome. Also, new in stock is the super small and light Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec and F1 wings.

Featured Product

1925 - Red Long Right-side diff hub for BA Offset Pod
CRC Instant Update
No current news. Stay tuned for more!

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