2019 – Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

2019 brings a new car and new products

from Team CRC!

New Limited Edition Car

New parts for the WTF-1

New Ultra lightweight Black Art Bodies


Team CRC’s full blown factory racer – Titanium, Z-flex carbon fiber, hard anodized aluminum and a solid axle spool in the kit. It’s all good and super fast! The Limited Edition – CK25 LE

New from Team CRC is a 1/12th scale weapon for high grip carpet racing, the CK25 Limited Edition. The revised CK25 comes complete with all the high-end options from CRC. Titanium, premium carbon fiber and upgraded components as well as a locked solid axle; the proverbial “kitchen sink”, its all in there.

First up, CRC’s ultra-stiff but super tough “Zero-Flex” high modulus carbon fiber chassis and bottom plate. The material brutally stiff and unlike aluminum or other materials, returns to flat every time. Just like full scale F1 cars, carbon fiber is the go-to material for racing applications. If there was a better material, the F1 manufactures would be using it. It is simply the best material for chassis and bottom plates for high grip carpet racing and is the reason we stick with carbon fiber. Team CRC drivers continue to dominate races in North America with carbon fiber chassis while the other guys are replacing bendable aluminum chassis.

The CK25LE comes complete with the full titanium package. The front axles, front suspensions screws, front upper pivot balls and the tie-rods are all made from super strong but lightweight titanium. All these items are targeted in the front end area of the car, the part that sees the impacts. The American-made titanium material is super tough, takes a beating, stays straight and true yet is lightweight.

In addition, we threw in hard-anodized pivot balls throughout the car. The steering, the shock, damper tubes and links all ride on hard anodized teflon coated pivot balls. We also used the polished, chrome plated, brass balls for the lower suspension pivot, again, strong and super smooth. And to round out the upgraded components, we are using our double machined silver and red aluminum standoffs for the rear cross brace. Strong, sexy, lightweight and true.

In this day of high grip racing, we responded with the first car to ship with a solid axle “spool” in the kit. The kit comes complete with the extra clamp hub for the right side. Speaking of clamp hubs, Team CRC is the only manufacture using double clamping 1/12th hubs. While the others are shaking like an out-of-balance wash machine with their single clamp hubs, CRC’s double clamp is balanced, smooth, strong and true. In addition, the included axle in the kit is a combo axle. It allows the use of differential or a solid axle. Should you need to return a normal diff, the axle is included, just add a couple parts and you have a working diff.

The CK25 LE is already proven on the track, lots of major race wins at Vegas, Cleveland and the Snowbirds. Get your fully “blinged-out” CK25 now! We are making a limited run, so do not wait to order, get on the pre-order list. Shipping January 2019.


#3220 – New CK25 LE features

Lots of go-fast goodies. Click on the pic above for details.
Z-Flex carbon fiber, the best comes in the kit – Click on the pic above for details.
CK25 Limited Edition
MSRP $499.99
Street $329.99
Item #3220
UPC Product Barcode 800734032205



New goodies for the most winning F1 car in north America, the CRC WTF-1.

Even after winning some many Championships, we found a way to make the WTF-1 even better. New for 2019 is a machined front ride height set that allows the racer to set the correct front ride height precisely. Both products IN STOCK NOW!

Precision machined ride height shims and steering stops for the multi-champ CRC WTF-1!

#1551 – WTF-1 Steering stoppers

#1585 – Machined precision shims

Item #1551
MSRP – $9.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015512
Item #1585
MSRP – $12.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015857


New Ultra-lite 1/12th bodies from Black Art and CRC

Black Art Racing from Europe broke on the scene with their World Championship winning body for 1/12th scale, the R8C. The R8C went on to win everything in North America and became THE go-to body, especially for spec racing. Black Art followed up the success of the R8C with new releases; the Lola and the Toyota 1/12th prototype bodies. Both of these bodies have gone on the win ROAR, European, Vegas, Snowbirds and Cleveland titles.

Now for 2019, Black Art and CRC release the new ULTRA-LITES pulled in .375mm (.0148 inch) genuine polycarbonate. These new bodies are super lightweight and greatly improve the handling of your 1/12th hot rod. All 2 popular Black Art 1/12th bodies are now available in the ultra-lite weight complete with window masks for easy painting. IN STOCK now!


New Ultra-lite 1/12th scale bodies from Black Art and CRC.

#41671 – Ultra-lite R8C

#41711 – Ultra-lite Lola
#41721 – Ultra-lite Black Art Toyota


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