Cleveland Rocks!

Frank-Jr CEO of Calandra Racing Concepts Wins BIG in Cleveland

Frank Calandra Jr. wins his 5th masters title in a row. CRC has won the Masters class for 8 years straight! Calandra, Van Wagner and Starkey… total domination! In stock, CRC tires go 1-2. Vicky Blackstock and Jeff Dayger put on a thriller in the Stock A-main, both sporting CRC 1/12th tires!

Calandra Racing rolls into Cleveland, OH with title defense in mind. In 2001, the Canadian Twin Towers (Scott Smither 6’3″ and Wayne Vince 6’4′) managed to T.Q. and win the hotly contested 1/12th stock division using both of CRC’s 12th weapons, the Carpet Knife and CRC Six pack 1/12th cars. Wayne was T.Q. with his Carpet Knife while Scott won the A-main with his CRC Six Pack.

Then in 2002, Dana Bailes and mark Calandra went 1-2 in the A-main. Both drivers piloting the CRC’s Team Red Bloody Knife Version 3.1. Dana was T.Q. of the class as well.

In the Masters Class, Frank Calandra Jr. carried a 4 time win streak into the event. Frank joined the Masters Class in 1999 and he hasn’t lost the A-main yet. Could he make it 5 in a row in 2003?

New for 2003 event was CRC’s new Version 3.2 Carpet Knife and the widespread use of CRC’ Track magnet 1/12th tires and wheels. CRC’s unique white dished wheel was very popular at the event. Also new was CRC’s inline adjustable battery position t-bar car called the T-Fource. Skip Starkey built his new T-Fource less than a week before the Champs and promptly put the car in the A-main of Masters. A nice debut for the new T-Fource.

The result….

CRC Track Magnet tires finish 1 and 2 in 1/12 Stock!? Vicky Blackstock, switching to CRC tires at the event, wins the U.S. Indoor Champs with CRC purple compound front tires and grey compound rear tires. Congrats to Vicky! Right on her heels in a wild race was CRC’s Jeff Dayger. Jeff used his BOX STOCK Carpet Knife Version 3.2 to run a solid second. In fact, Jeff looked like the car to beat in the main coming from 3rd to reel in the T.Q. and take the lead. A good charge from back in the pack. Vicky did sneak by for the win, but Dayger ran a solid second. Jeff’s car had the supplied kit setup, standard roll center, kit shock oil + shock spring as well as the supplied damper lube. Build it, drive it and win… it’s all supplied in the kit.

Overall, 4 out of 10 cars in the Stock A-main were from the CRC stable.? CRC pilots Wayne Vince, Scott Smither and Mark Calandra joined Jeff in the A-final.

In Masters, a full 50% of the A-main drivers chose the entire line of CRC 1/12th weapons to chase the prestigious victory. Bob Van Wagner and Junior Norton used the CRC Six Pack. Frank Calandra Jr. and Eli Ezrow were wielding razor sharp Carpet Knife Team Red Editions. Skip Starkey was breaking in his brand new CRC T-Fource. Going into the final, the combo of Starkey, Van Wagner and Calandra represented 7 years of winning with CRC cars. Frank carried a 4 year win streak into 2003. Previous to that, Van Wagner had a 2 year run. Before that, Starkey was Champ dating back to 1996 driving a CRC Carpet Knife Version 1. Seven years of CRC domination.

In the end, Frank had a great start and managed to sneak away from the T.Q. position to win his 5th straight title. Van Wagner had a rough start, digging out from from a first turn wreck that put him dead last. Bob drove hard moving up to a solid second. He clearly had the speed to win, but the unfortunate start cost him a chance. A great run for second. With the CRC 1-2 finish, it is now 8 years of domination. See your dealer, pick up a new CRC car and start your own streak of domination!

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