Cleveland 2022

Team CRC take 3 at the 2022 U.S. Indoor Champs!

Piersol, Wynn and Calandra claim victories!

Brian Wynn takes T.Q. and 1st

GT12 – largest pan car class at the Champs!

Wynn takes his CRC race package to a T.Q. and win in GT12!

New CRC prototype chassis conversion for the CK25AR, #37151 Rocket Fuel Battery and great driving takes the top spot! CRC’s Jim Piersol and Mark Calandra joined Brian in the A-final with the CK25AR machines.


Mr. Nice Guy – Jim Piersol takes the T.Q. and win in the hotly contested Masters class

CRC CK25-AR car, CRC tires + batteries and a Black Art body by CRC.

The Masters class returns – this time, Plus 50

Old farts playing with toy cars. Yes, that is the Masters class for 1/12th scale. In years past, this was a plus 35 class, then a plus 40 class… now you have to be 50 or older to play in this arena.

The soft spoken, easy going racer from the St. Louis area, Jim Piersol has attended the U.S. Indoor Champs for many years. In the last Masters era at the Champs, Piersol was always at the top of the field, lurking, but not able to take that top step of the podium. In 2022, Jim used his CRC CK25AR car, Black Art body, CRC tires and batteries to take a convincing T.Q. and win in this very competitive class. Congrats Piersol!

The brothers go 1-2 in the World GT-R class!

Team CRC sweeps the podium with Mike Schott taking 3rd!

World GTR – The class for competitive, affordable fun.

2 year old tires win the A-main!

CRC’s Frank Calandra has been a bit busy lately. Dealing with a fire at the facility, not being able to find most anything of his personal race stuff in the rubble, Frank pulled his World GTR out of a pile of fire debris and began cleaning off the smoke and soot. Changing out the fire destroyed parts, and adding the new parts from the soon to be released WGT 200R car from CRC. While some of the parts were new, the tires on Frank’s car survived the fire and looked pretty good. They remained on the car ready to race from last indoor season. These were the same 4 tires that raced the 2021 US Indoor Champs (A-Main) and club racing all 2021 season.

Brian Wynn also put together a prototype CRC WGT 200R machine. At different times during the 4 rounds, both of the prototype cars were in the T.Q. position. However, in the end, Max Buca, driving a very stock CRC’s #1810 World GT-R car took the T.Q. spot.

In the A-main, a little calamity at the start had the brothers running 1-2 with Frank sneaking away in the lead and Mark Calandra battling Canadian Mike Schott for 3rd place. Poor Mark, looking at the history of the U.S. Indoor Champs, it appears that Mark has the most A-main second place finishes in history, across multiple classes. In the World GT-R class, second last year and second again this year. No question, great results. However, despite some great finishes for Mark, he remains on suicide watch. In third, CRC’s Mike Schott has been tearing up the Niagara race scene and in this A-main, he held on for an ALL CRC podium!

CRC cars, CRC rubber tires, CRC’s hot new #37151 Rocket Fuel SHO 1s pack….. clean sweep! And best yet, the winning car had 2 year old tires! Affordable fun!

CRC’s WGT 200R #1811

The new World GT-R “200” platform features CRC’s “AR (adjustable roll center) rear pivot. The allows the racer to tune the suspension for varying grip levels.

A 200mm World GTR car for rubber tire racing. Release around January 1.

Multiple battery positions and configurations

This World GT “200” platform will be available in a “R” for rubber and a “F” for GT10 foam racing and a full 235mm wide version for outside. YES, this new 1/10th scale platform will bridge across 3 different cars; the 200mm wide “R”  for rubber racing, the 200mm GT10 2s “F” foam race car and it will also serve as the basis for the new up coming 235mm version of the machine.

Rear fan mount

This World GT 200R will come stock with a fan mount incorporated in the rear pod brace. Without a fan, this piece is lightweight and super strong. With a fan mounted, your race motor receives cooling airflow.

2024 Canadian On-road Nationals!

2024 Canadian On-road Nationals!

New CRC Prototype 1/12th car 1st - 4th at the 2024 Canadian Nationals Tom Firsching keeps it rolling - T.Q's and wins the Super Stock 13.5 class CRC/Powerpush batteries, the prototype CRC 1/12th car, CRC tires, Black Art Body and Sanwa-CRC SXR servo! CRC takes the top...

CRC goes 1-2 at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals

CRC goes 1-2 at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals

Team CRC's 1/12th "total race package" T.Q.'s and wins the Snowbird Nationals Andrew Knapp T.Q's and wins with CRC batteries, the prototype CRC 1/12th car, Black Art Body and Sanwa-CRC SXR servo! Knapp's Top 10 average is FASTER than all others fast lap, except...

Team CRC wins BIG at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals

Team CRC wins BIG at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals

Team CRC takes 3 wins and 4 T.Q.'s at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nats! Roman, Schott and Firsching claim victories!Carlo Roman takes the win in the popular GT12 class! T.Q. - Tom takes 2nd! CRC CK25AR car takes 5 out of the top 6 including 1-2!Top drivers use the full...