Quick Connect Track Barrier System

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Clik-Trak Barrier System

For years, Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) Fasttrak Racing Carpet has been the standard for indoor carpet R/C racing. Now, the company that brings you the finest indoor racing surface releases the finest barrier system for R/C Cars. CRC “Clik-Trak”, a revolutionary new track border system that is easy to use, ultra-friendly on R/C cars and a snap to change, allowing quick layout changes.

Unlike most plastic pipe configurations, Clik-trak is made from square pipe, not round. Round PVC pipe has the tendency to “grab” vehicles as cars that touch round pipe typically contact below the equator line of the pipe. Normally, this buries the nose of the car, “sticking” the vehicle to the pipe, causing extensive chassis and body damage. The square profile of CRC’s Clik-Trak allows a car to rub against the barrier without getting stuck. Clik-trak’s smooth, rounded corners eliminates the jagged corners associated with typical lumber based layouts.

Clik-Trak is comprised of straights, 3 different bends or curves and short 1 foot “connector” pieces. The connector pieces slide snugly into the straights and curves, joining them securely. The connectors pieces also feature small “click” connectors buttons on each end, similar to those found on an EZ-Up canopy legs. Every straight and curve has a hole near the end to accept the “clicker” from the connector, just push the clicker down, insert the connector and “click” it into place.

* Round Clik Lok Connectors *
* More straight pipe length included in the kit *
* Now able to UPS package ship the product *


With the re-release of Clik Trak, we have changed to round Clik Lok Connectors. These work equally well as the square connector and these are completely COMPATABLE with older Clik Trak sets and are more affordable. The round Clik Connectors can be installed by pressing the button and inserting into the track section, or they can be turned 45 degrees and slid into the corner of the square track section without depressing the metal button. Once installed, just turn back to engage the connector.

Also new is 8 foot straight pieces which allow for UPS shipping of CRC Clik Trak. This makes it easier and more affordable to order parts and pieces as a freight truck is NOT needed. However, when combining a Clik Trak order with a carpet order, it will be cheaper to include the Clik Trak portion of your order with the freight truck shipping.


small (60 x 36) Clik-Trak features 3 distinct corner pieces, each with a hole to accept the connectors; a 90 degree bend, a sharp bend (more than 90 degrees, 135 degree) and a gentle 45 degree kink. Using these 3 different corner angles, almost any design track circuit can be built. For example, build a challenging road circuit with a gentle sweeper at the end, or a tight course with sharp corners and angled straights or a great oval course using the straights and 90 degree bends in conjunction with Snowbird’s style “Ice”. With Clik-Trak, all of these layouts are possible and only take minutes to setup. Gone are the days of measuring, cutting, building and tearing down circuits comprised of wood, screws and nails. With Clik-Trak, all you need to do is push a button, disconnect, arrange and re-connect to build the layout you wish.

Clik-Trak is available in 2 different Trak-Pak sizes, Standard and Double Trak-Pak. The Standard Trak-Pak includes enough barriers to complete a small track approximately 2300 square feet (60 x 36) with 7 – 8 foot lanes. The Double Trak-Pak has enough to make a good road circuit on a med-large carpet track  3360 square feet (80 x 42) with 8-10 foot lanes. This is a rough estimate as lane width and complexity of the circuit effect the amount of pipe needed. Packaged boxes of additional straights, corners and connectors are available separately, so you can add as your needs change.

Clik-Trak In Use!

(Snowbird Nationals + U.S. Indoor Champs)

The hard working Snowbirds crew at the Birds really enjoy the “quick change” track layouts with CRC’s Clik Trak system. Clik Trak makes the task of going from oval to road and back again much easier. Just press some buttons and pull apart the sections. As you can see from the pictures, challenging road courses and ovals are a “clik” away.

A special thanks to the Snowbirds crew for making the CRC Clik Trak and Fasttrak part of their yearly event.



Clik-Trak Parts + Pricing


Trak-Pak – #TP-112213

Double Trak-Pak – #TP2-112213

14 pieces – 8 foot straight28 pieces – 8 foot straight
16 pieces – 4 foot straight32 pieces – 4 foot straight
36 – Connectors pieces with 2 clik loks72 – Connectors pieces with 2 clik loks
6 – 90 degree curves12 – 90 degree curves
6 – 45 degree gradual curve or kink12 – 45 degree gradual curve or kink
4 – 135 degree sharp bends8 – 135 degree sharp bends




Clicker connectors
#CT1001  – 10 Connectors w/ clik-lok                                        $102.84

Clik Trak Curves w/ 2 holes for clik-lok
#CT1002-001   –  90 Degree Curve                                                $73.19
#CT1003-001   –  45 Degree Curves (slight bend)        $69.99
#CT1004-001   –  135 Degree Curves (sharp bend)     $73.19
#CT1009  Curve Pak (6-90, 6-45, 4-135)                             $895.39

 Clik Trak Straights w/ 2 holes for clik-lok
#CT1006-001   – 4 foot straight pc.                                               $24.19
#CT1006   –  16 Pieces – 4 foot straight                                 $332.74
#CT1008-001   – 8 foot straight pc.                                             $41.24
#CT1008 14 Pieces – 8 foot straight                                       $515.89

Special 15% discount when combining Fasttrak Racing Carpet order and Clik-Trak order. Discount applies when paid by cash, ACH or wire payment ONLY. 

Being a petroleum based product, Clik Trak pricing varies depending on the economic conditions. Pricing subject to change. Be sure to e-mail info@teamcrc.com for the latest pricing info.

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