CRC CK25 Dominates the 2018 IIC in Las Vegas!

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CRC CK25 car sweeps the podium in Vegas!

John Wiita T.Q’s, Andrew Knapp wins

Kevin Van Ert finshes second

The CRC 1s lipo pack Top Qualifies 1/12th scale 17.5 class!



Trinity powered Andrew Knapp defends his 17.5 title with the CK25 1/12th car

Andrew Knapp shown here on the top step of the podium. He should be joined by CRC teammates Kevin Van Ert (2nd) and John Wiita (T.Q. + 3rd). Van Ert and Wiita had to leave before photos to catch their plane home. All 3 used the CK25 1/12th car – #3215.




At the 2018 IIC in Las Vegas, Scotty Ernst and the SEP team put on yet another classic road racing event. Big beautiful track with CRC’s Fasttrak II carpet. Smooth, excellent grip and high speed.


1/12th Scale 17.5

And as usual, CRC drivers dominated the 17.5 class qualifying and finishing 1-2-3. A full sweep of the podium. John Wiita, Andrew Knapp and Kevin Van Ert put on a clinic all week with extremely tight racing in qualifying and the triple A-main format. A full 60% of the A-main field used CRC cars with CRC drivers Charlie Menard, Brandon Skewes and Jody Flipse joining the trio on the podium. Wiita and Van Ert used CRC awesome 1s rocket fuel racing pack, #3702, to power their rocket rides.

Andrew again used his very stock CRC CK25 car kit. Carbon chassis and bottom plate, no aluminum, no titanium. Carbon is stiff and unlike titanium and aluminum, returns to flat and straight every time. Stick with carbon fiber, just like full scale F1 cars, it’s the best. At just $199 for the CK25, you can spend a lot more for a different brand or save money and win more with CRC.


Knapp’s winning 1/12th 17.5 car for both the 2017 and 2018 IIC races. Carbon chassis and bottom plate; no aluminum, no titanium.

The winning CRC CK25 car – #3215


Formula 1

Andrew Knapp and the CRC WTF-1 were defending champions in the Formula 1 class. This year, his Trinity powered CRC was again the fastest F1 car on the track, the only problem, a perfect driving Jan Ratheisky. Despite Andrew heavily pressuring Jan, the defending champ simply could not find a clean way around. As shown by the video recorded finals on Live RC, Andrew is inside, outside and side by side, but Jan never flinched, keeping his line smooth and tight despite the heavy pressure. The CRC WTF-1 set fast lap time of the event and wound up 2nd on the podium. Andrew used a stock car with the addition of a Fenix gear diff and CRC machined upper A-arms. Again, at almost $100 less than the competition, you can spend more or save your money and just be faster!


The CRC WTF-1 – Fastest F1 car in Vegas!

Stock carbon chassis and bottom plate. Very few options on the most affordable F1 car in the business – The CRC WTF1 – #1501




World GT-R

The World GT-R class is super easy to race, affordable, fun and close. The tires last “multiple seasons” and the cars have a very scale appearance. With more and more manufacturers producing World GT-R machines, the class will continue to grow! Last month, the Capricorn and Roche cars were in competition at the Halloween Classic. At the 2018 IIC, Speedmerchant’s Larry Bradshaw took the top step of the podium with a UK duo joining him on the podium. Kevin Creaser took 2nd with his CRC Gen-X 10 RT car and with Schumacher prototype car of George Brewer in 3rd. It is great to see the added manufactures in World GT-R. Scotty Ernst, Bill Deras and Burt Hooker rounded out the top 6. At the upcoming 2018 U.S Indoor Championships in Cleveland, World GT-R is one of the largest classes with many entries from different manufacturers. Come get some!


World GT-R Podium. Cars are fun and look great!

More manufacturers are producing cars for the super affordable and fun class of World GT-R!

One of the nicest guys in RC – UK and long time CRC driver – Kevin Creaser.

Capricorn’s Josh Cyrul takes the 2018 Halloween Classic with Roche pilot Wayne Gerber in 2nd and CRC ace Zach Schuttenberg 3rd.


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