CRC drivers winning indoors and out!

Team CRC winning indoors and out!

Team CRC Road racers clean house at the Grand Finale at The Gate!

CRC-powered Griffin Hanna takes the win at the Spring Sting at the Badlands!


Zach Schuttenberg T.Q’s and wins Formula 1!

Griffin Hanna takes the CRC 4s pack to #1 at the Badlands!

CRC drivers sweep the podium at the Grand Finale event at the GATE in Ohio. Young gun Zach Schuttenberg took the T.Q. and win with his Greg Finan sponsored CRC WTF-1 formula 1 car. Joining Zach on the podium was the duo of CRC pilots, Brian Wynn and Ron Mick. In addition to the CRC WTF-1 car kit, all 3 chose the road gripping performance of CRC #2320 RT-1 tires.

Team Serpent driver Griffin Hana wins the 2017 Spring Sting at the Badlands race track in Myrtle Beach. This was Griffin’s first race with CRC batteries powering his E-buggy and he took it the top of the podium! Try a CRC 2s shorty, stick or 4s pack in your offroad ride today!


Other action from the 2017 Grand Finale at The Gate in Ohio.

1/12th Modified


Dana Bailes takes the win in 1/12 Modified!

CRC pilot Dana Bailes takes the World Champion CRC Xti-WC #3214 to a win in 1/12th Modified!

Dana also used CRC’s multiple World Champion 1/12th tires to dominate the event.



World GT-R


Much like the Formula 1 class, the same 3 drivers nail down another CRC sweep in the World GT-R Class!
Ron Mick, Brian Wynn and Zach Schuttenberg sweep the World GT-R class with CRC Gen-X 10 RT!
Wynn’s very stock #1810 CRC Gen-X 10RT with CRC 1s Rocket Fuel #3705 battery pack to win World GTR. The same physical set of RT-1 pre-mounted tires #2314 have been on this car since the 2016 Snowbirds race.



1/12th 17.5

A CRC 1-2 with Brian Wynn taking the win with teammate Dana Bailes a close second.
Another win for the World Champion Xti-WC car from CRC. Wynn and Bailes rolled on CRC 1/12th #2230 + 2232 purple stripe racing tires.



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