CRC F1 – 3 for 3 in 2019/20 season, Vegas, NYGP and Halloween!

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Dayger + WTF-1 DS Undefeated in 2019!

The new 2020 CRC WTF-1 DS wins every round of qualifying and is victorious in the A-main!

Top 5 in qualifying are CRC WTF-1 cars! Seven total WTF-1 cars in the A-main!


CRC’s new 2020 WTF-1 DS starts undefeated for 2019-20 season!

CRC cars and tires sweep qualifying at the 2019 Halloween Classic! First through 5th on the grid!


The brand new CRC Formula 1 car – the 2020 WTF-1 DS (#1502) and CRC F1 tires lap the field for the second straight race! Ron Mick joins Jeff on the podium of F1 with his CRC WTF-1!




The Halloween race – A Classic for sure!

We did a little investigating on the length and history of the Halloween Classic and couldn’t come up with an actual first year. We are thinking around 1986. Over 30 years of road racing at various venues in and around Cleveland. A classic race and one of the larger events leading up to the grand-daddy, the U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland.

For the 2019/2020 season, CRC has the new Formula 1 car kit being released, the WTF-1 DS. And so far in the 2019-20 race season, the DS is undefeated. With dominant T.Q. and wins at the NYGP and now the Halloween Classic, the new CRC F1 car is on a roll.

Jeff Dayger took his CRC ride to T.Q.’s and wins with not only a 5 minute A-main victory in each of these events, but a complete sweep of every round of qualifying and the mains. Backing up Jeff’s awesome qualifying was a total of 7 CRC WTF-1 cars with Jody Flipse, Keith Hamilton, Mark Sweeney, Zach Schuttenburg, Ron Mick and Brian Wynn joining Jeff in the A-main. In fact, the top 5 would be CRC F1 cars including the 2nd placed qualifier Brian Wynn also driving the new WTF-1 DS and second place finisher Ron Mick with a WTF-1 FC16. And as normal at open tire events, practically the entire field was riding on CRC F1 tires.

The #1502 car kit will be shipping soon and should be available at the U.S. Indoor Champs. As with all the car kits from CRC, the F1 DS is about $100 less expensive than the “luxury” cars from other manufacturers. Affordable, durable and wins in nearly stock form, the 2020 CRC WTF-1 DS.


Fastest F1 in the house! CRC WTF-1 DS (#1502)and CRC f1 tires/wheels (#2314)
Inline and transverse battery positions!
New battery door for EZ battery changes!
Open the door, battery in and out with ease!
New rear wing fixed to chassis, more traction.
Adjustable rear wing height.
New front end pieces make suspension changes a breeze!
Below is a close up of the new parts on the DS. The 15452 Screw-pins and 15501 Caster shims (4). The four shims allow for a number of caster positions.


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