CRC takes 2 at the 2019 ROAR Nationals

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CRC takes 2 at the ROAR Nationals in St. Louis!

John Wiita and Jeff Dayger take National Championship titles!

Wiita wins back-to-back National Championship titles!


CRC cars, tires and bodies dominate 1/12th scale classes at the 2019 ROAR Nationals!

John Wiita takes T.Q. in both the 1/12th scale 17.5 and 13.5 classes at the ROAR Nationals with the CRC CK25.

Dayger wins 13.5! Wiita takes 17.5! Kevin Van Ert takes 2nd with Dayger 3rd!

Total CRC domination!



The 2019 ROAR Nationals

As usual, all the top manufactures in road racing attend the ROAR Nationals, with talented racers coming from all corners of North America. Teams from XRay, Roche, Associated, Destiny and of course defending champions, Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC).


1/12th scale 13.5

The 13.5 class is a blend of seasoned 1/12th scale racers mixed in with 17.5 “spec” specialists. The class puts a premium on chassis efficiency and ease of driving, horsepower and driver skill. Last year at APEX Raceway in Tennessee, Team CRC/Trinity driver Andrew Knapp was victorious with his CRC/MFR teammates of John Wiita and Kevin Van Ert sweeping the “all-CRC” podium. For 2019, Andrew could not make the event in 2019 so fellow CRC/Trinity pilot Jeff Dayger stepped in to fill the void.

In qualifying, John Wiita would wrestle the Top Qualifying position with his all CRC race package – CRC CK25 car, CRC tires and a CRC/Black Art body. Less than a 1/2 second behind Wiita was the CRC/Trinity driver of Jeff Dayger. Like Wiita, Jeff used his all CRC race package of the CK25 car, CRC tires and the CRC/Black Art body shell. Joining the top 2 was 2018 podium finisher Kevin Van Ert. Van Ert has been rocket fast all year and again would put his CRC ride in the A-main.

In the triple A-main format, Dayger would drive clean and quick, securing the first 2 A-mains and getting the privilege to sit out the final main as the 2019 ROAR National Champion. In that 3rd main, Wiita would take the win locking up a potent CRC 1-2 finish!


A solid CRC 1-2 finish.

Jeff’s winning #3215 – CRC CK25 car kit.


A close look at Dayger’s ride – CRC CK25

*** Expensive and bendable aluminum chassis/bottom plate option needed? – NOPE!

*** Expensive and bendable titanium chassis/bottom plate option used? – NOPE!

*** Fancy “team plastic” for a stiffer front end? – NOPE!

*** Team/special shock, Kashima, Hard coat? Voodoo mix? – NOPE!

*** Option carbon fiber solid axle? – NOPE!

*** Option lightened motor pod? – NOPE!

*** Unobtanium compound CRC tires? – NOPE!

*** Dirty old penny stuck to the chassis hanging off the side? – YUP!

You can spend more on the gimmicks, bling, team parts, stiff plastic, team this and option that…. or just get an affordable CRC race inspired product and head to the winners circle!



1/12th 17.5

John Wiita takes T.Q. and wins, Van Ert 2nd and Dayger 3rd… grab the broom, CRC podium sweep!

The stock 1/12th scale 17.5 class puts an extreme premium on a fast, efficient chassis. The tires are handed out, the motors are “spec”-ed and all the top guys can drive a tight line in 17.5. The winning car simply carries more corner speed. What wins in this class is simple; chassis setup and performance.

Just like in 13.5, the CRC team rolled in ready to repeat as defending champs. CRC drivers took a 1-2 in qualifying with defending ROAR National Champion John Wiita sitting on pole and Kevin Van Ert a close second. Wiita was the only driver to go 49 laps in qualifying.

After the triple A-main format, the CRC boys all rose to the top, locking out the entire podium AGAIN in 2019. Just like 2018, top 3 were CRC CK25 cars. John Wiita took the Championship again with his MFR/CRC teammate Kevin Van Ert a close second. Grabbing the final spot on the podium was CRC/Trinity driver Jeff Dayger. A sweep for the most affordable 1/12th car in the market, the CRC CK25. It was also a podium sweep for the Black Art lightweight 1/12th body. Great job drivers!


Grab the broom, we have a CRC sweep!

Wiita’s very stock CK25 – #3215
An “all CRC” top 3!



Wiita’s 17.5 CK25 Setup sheet

John Wiita – Double T.Q. and back-to-back ROAR National Champ




ROAR Nationals at Prolevel RC

Drew Ellis has put together yet another fantastic facility in St. Louis. Now at his new location in a mall space, Prolevel RC Raceway features CRC Fasttrak II racing carpet and CRC Clik Trak Barrier system. Racers at the event say the grip was “off the hook”.


Prolevel RC – ROAR Nats Host


Drew is another in a line of racer-owned facilities that help keep racing alive in the USA. While standard brick-n-mortar hobby stores with race tracks seem to fall by the wayside due to a number of factors, we are lucky to have dedicated racers/track owners like Drew, Eric Anderson (Apex), Donnie Lia (360), NORCAR crew at the Gate, Greg Nephew (Lake City, Plattsburgh, NY), Mark Frechette (Outlaw RC) and and others that look beyond simple profits, putting the passion for the hobby and racing first and the bottom line second. The hobby desperately needs those brick and mortar stores with carpet tracks back, but these racer-driven venues are helping to keep carpet racing alive. A great venue to host this championship. CRC will be back for the 3-peat!

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