CRC Wins the 2022 Canadian Nationals!

Team CRC takes 3 at the 2022 Canadian Nationals!

CRC cars, tires, batteries and bodies win big in the hands of Mike Schott and Jared Bardin.

Jared Bardin wins Stock 17.5 and Super Stock 13.5 Championships in 1/12th scale.

Team CRC’s CK25-AR car, tires, bodies and batteries take the win!

Jared Bardin T.Q.’s and wins Stock 17.5!

The CRC CK25-AR 1/12th car is now 2-time Canadian National Champion. The man known for his excellent race directing and announcing “dropped the mic” for the weekend and reminded everyone that he is also an excellent driver/mechanic. The Rome, NY, native, Jared Bardin, used the full CRC winning race package of car, battery, body and tires to power his way to both championships. Congrats to all the competitors and a special shout out to the newly crowned National Champ!

The TQ + Winning CRC CK25 car.

A very stock CRC CK25-AR, #3216 race car. Winner in Stock 17.5 class, and, short of a center spring and maybe some different damping fluid, Jareds’s car was box-stock. He liked the new Black Art BA009 Speed Fast #41741 Lola body and the CRC #37151 SHO Battery.

CRC – Don’t spend more, just win more!

Aluminum chassis? No.
Expensive gear diff? No.
Option shock? No.

Just $225 at your local dealer and you can be a winner. All the good stuff is in the box!

The 13.5 Canadian National Champ!

Jared’s 13.5 CRC car featured a CRC #41711 Lola body, CRC #37151 SHO Battery, CRC #2197 Blu front and #2195 Greene rear tires and a Trinity motor. In the high-powered 13.5 class, he used the side stiffening carbon braces, #3368.

CRC goes 1-2-3 in World GT-R!

Mike Schott leads a CRC 1-2-3 in World GT-R!

At the 2022 Canadian Nationals, World GT-R was a popular class with multiple mains.  Rubber tires that last for multiple season with little fall off make this an ultra-affordable and fun class.  Mike Schott took the A-main with his CRC #1810 World GT-R car. Keeping Schott honest was class T.Q. Jim Huppunen aka “Crunch”, aka Jimmy the Hupp with Mike Wilson in 3rd. All driving the the CRC GenX10-RT. Joining the trio in the A main was Rome NY local Kelly Winnicki. Congrats to all!

Winning World-GTR of Mike Schott.


The Canadian Onroad Nationals

What an event hosted by a great group of racers. In 2019, they held the largest and finest onroad race in North America. For the 2020 event, the crew prepped and worked hard to make the 2020 event even better. Then… COVID… forced to shut down for 2 full years, it is great to see the Canadian Onroad Nationals back. They had a great track, technical layout and good race management. BE SURE to put the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals on your racing schedule, you won’t be disappointed!

2024 Canadian On-road Nationals!

2024 Canadian On-road Nationals!

New CRC Prototype 1/12th car 1st - 4th at the 2024 Canadian Nationals Tom Firsching keeps it rolling - T.Q's and wins the Super Stock 13.5 class CRC/Powerpush batteries, the prototype CRC 1/12th car, CRC tires, Black Art Body and Sanwa-CRC SXR servo! CRC takes the top...

CRC goes 1-2 at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals

CRC goes 1-2 at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals

Team CRC's 1/12th "total race package" T.Q.'s and wins the Snowbird Nationals Andrew Knapp T.Q's and wins with CRC batteries, the prototype CRC 1/12th car, Black Art Body and Sanwa-CRC SXR servo! Knapp's Top 10 average is FASTER than all others fast lap, except...

Team CRC wins BIG at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals

Team CRC wins BIG at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals

Team CRC takes 3 wins and 4 T.Q.'s at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nats! Roman, Schott and Firsching claim victories!Carlo Roman takes the win in the popular GT12 class! T.Q. - Tom takes 2nd! CRC CK25AR car takes 5 out of the top 6 including 1-2!Top drivers use the full...