Dayger takes the CRC WTF-1 Formula 1 car to another win!

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Jeff Dayger wins Formula 1

at the 2018 Halloween Classic

with the CRC WTF-1 FC16!

Kevin Van Ert and Jeff Dayger qualify 1-2 in Super Stock 1/12th with the CRC CK25



Jeff Dayger takes the CRC WTF-1 FC16 to yet another championship.

The CRC WTF-1 FC16 car kit – The most successful Formula 1 car in North America.



The CRC WTF-1 continues to dominate F1 racing in North America. The IIC in Vegas, the US Indoor Champs in Cleveland, the Snowbirds in Florida, the ROAR Nats in Tennesse, the Canadian Nats in Ontario…. and now the 2018 Halloween Classic at The Gate in Ohio. The super fast, ultra affordable Formula 1 car from CRC has won almost every large race in North America. In all these major events, drivers like Mario Ficco, Brian Wynn, Nate Lyday, Frank Calandra, Kazuki Yamashita, Andrew Knapp, Jim Piersol, Kosuke Suzuki, Tom Firsching, Zach Schuttenberg and Hayato Ishioka; all have either won championships or made the podium. While the driver’s names differ, the motors from various manufactures, the batteries vary…one thing that stays the same, the CRC WTF-1. Now Jeff Dayger adds another victory to the total this weekend in Ohio.

Jeff’s Trinity powered CRC WTF-1 was raced in fairly stock trim. The only option on the car was the machined upper A-arms. Jeff also used the 15281 locked diff axle which is NOW INCLUDED in the 2018/19 shipments of the CRC WTF-1 FC16 car (and CK25 1/12th car. The car comes with a diff axle pre-drilled to allow a spur gear to bolt right up, eliminating the diff action. This locked diff action is sometimes beneficial on high bite carpet tracks. Now with CRC F1 an 1/12th cars, this dual purpose axle is included in the kit.


Daygers’s winning WTF-1. Stock chassis and bottom plate in standard carbon; no aluminum, no super stiff carbon

The CRC #2320 mounted F1 tires provided the grip for many of the cars in the A-main.



CRC’s new 15281-Dual purpose axle – Diff and locker

CRC’s new F1 and 1/12th axle, the 15281. This axle is dual use; normal differential axle and pre-drilled to accept a spur gear, thus making it a solid axle locked diff for high bite tracks.

The new axle is now a STOCK part supplied in CRC F1 and 1/12th car kits, bringing more value into the finest pan cars available, all at a price way below the competition.

#15281 Locker diff axle – Retail $29.99

UPC 800734152811





1/12th scale Super Stock

CRC drivers go 1-2 after 4 full rounds of qualifying

Kevin Van Ert and Jeff Dayger, CRC cars sweep the front row of the grid

The Super Stock class for 1/12th scale was very well attended with a strong, deep field. Kevin Van Ert laid waste to the field turning in not just one 52 lap run, but 2 qualifying runs with 52 laps. NO OTHER driver did 52 laps all weekend, Van Ert and his CK25 did it twice.

**** In a race with handout motors where all cars are close in speed, Kevin almost lapped the field in qualifying! ****

* Kevin Van Ert *

* CRC CK25 car *

* CRC Tires *

* CRC Battery *


Kevin Van Ert T.Q.’s with the only 52 lap run in qualifying. In fact, he did it twice with no other driver breaking the 52 lap barrier all weekend

As seen in the photo below, not only did Van Ert use the CK25 car, add CRC’s Rocket Fuel battery and CRC’s Pro Cut tires to his top qualifying equation.

Jeff Dayger qualified second to CRC teammate Van Ert for an “all CRC” front row!


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