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Founded in 1993 – Located in Rome, NY

The new standard in racing carpet…CRC Fasttrak II (FT2)

Incredible traction, practically NO FUZZ, lighter, easier to work with!

Team CRC engineers a new level of performance from a racing surface.

After 14 months of development, Fasttrak II (FT2) is now available and ready to ship. FT2 is better in every aspect; more grip, low fiber loss, lighter, easier to lay down flat and improved fire and flame resistance. This new product raises the bar for racing surfaces.

We are offering FT2 in the same 80 x 12 and 100 x 12 roll sizes at the exact same price as the older product. Despite the better performance and ease of use, and an increase in raw material and manufacturing costs, we are holding the price the same. Big events that have already proven FT2 the best racing surface available is the 2015 U.S. Indoor Champs in Cleveland, OH, the 2016 New Year Dash oval race in Oneida, NY and the 2016 Snowbird Nationals with many more events to come. 



Weight: 1 roll 100 x 12 weighs about 185 lbs. Two people can handle the roll with some effort. Shipping Charges: Shipping FT2 is done by freight truck only, not UPS, FedEx or Post. The carpet ships from our warehouse in the Northeast USA. Typical charges range from $275 and up depending on quantity and location. A West Coast customer who orders 3 – 4 rolls could expect to pay around $800 – $1000 shipping charges. Due to constant changes in fuel costs these days, it is best to give us a call or send us an e-mail for the most accurate shipping price quote.


International Customers Please Note!

We have found it best and most affordable to have the consignee (receiver) arrange the shipping for international shipments. The carpet is located in upstate New York approximately 50 miles east of Syracuse, NY. Syracuse is a fairly large city in upstate New York about 5 hours drive from New York City. We are about 4.5 hours from New York City by car. Most of the time, when the receiver arranges the shipping, the freight company sends a freight truck to our location, we load the truck with our forklifts and the carpet transports by ground to an east coast port in the U.S.A.. Typically New York City (JFK airport) or New Jersey (Newark Airport), then the carpet is air or ocean shipped to Europe or Asia. In the USA, the Motor Freight “Class” of this product is Class 100. WE DO NOT ARRANGE THE SHIPPING FOR OVERSEAS SHIPMENTS, we only load the carrier of your choice when they arrive at our warehouse.

Pricing & Roll Sizes


Square Yards: 144
Square Feet: 1,300 sq/ft
Weight Per Roll: ~185 lbs
Cost Before Shipping: $1,360 (~ $1 per square foot)

CRC Fastrak Carpet and Clik Trak Barriers  big_pile_carpet-330  CRC Fasttrak II Racing Carpet

Square Yards: 117
Square Feet: 1,050 sq/ft
Weight Per Roll: ~1485 lbs
Cost Before Shipping: $1,090 (~ $1 per square foot)

CRC Fastrak Carpet and Clik Trak Barriers  big_pile_carpet-330  CRC Fasttrak II Racing Carpet

As shown, we have 2 target roll sizes for CRC Fasttrak-HD, 80 & 100 feet. This material is always 12 foot wide. So, a roll 100′ x 12′ (actual 35 yds + 4=109) is 144 square yards and a roll 80′ x 12′ (actual 28 yds + 4) is 117 square yards of carpet.

Other notes: Try to size your track in at least one dimension in a multiple of 12. For example, a 80 x 36 foot track is much more affordable and easy to cover than a 70 x 40 foot track. If you need a track say 40 feet wide (not a multiple of 12), make the length a multiple of 12, say 84 (7 “widths” of 12 foot). A track 84 x 40 would be 7 sections of 12 foot carpet 40 feet long laying side-by-side. The 75 x 36 would be 3 sections of rug 75 feet long. Again, try to make at least one dimension a multiple of 12. However, by laying the carpet sideways, a track 72 x 40 would be possible with 3 rolls of 80 x 12. Take the 80′ and divide in 2 for 40′ sections 12′ wide. All carpet comes in rolls wrapped in plastic. Roll lengths vary some what. Please order on the high side to ensure you receive enough product, don’t cut it too close. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail, call or fax.

*** Like many, many resources, the manufacturing of carpet is dependent on petroleum. Price subject to change without notice. *** (Call CRC to order (1)-315-338-0867) Terms and Returns: Due to the high cost of shipping this product and the custom nature of carpet, ALL SALES are FINAL. Calandra Racing Concepts will not be liable for incorrectly installed product or customer errors when calculating size needs. Calandra Racing WILL NOT be held responsible for transportation damages, all claims of damage must be directed to the carrier. Please inspect the product closely upon arrival, do NOT accept damaged product. Your signature on the Bill of Lading is proof to the carrier and Calandra Racing that you accepted the product “as is”, “where is”. If you the recipient detects minor damage, you may note it on the delivery receipt. Be sure you and the carrier have a copy of the signed and noted delivery receipt. However, be aware that your signature and acceptance of the delivery transfers all responsibility to the recipient.

Fasttrak Carpet Testimonials

Here are a few quotes after racers have experienced the awesome feel and grip of FT2

Incredible traction right away!

Amazing!!! This is a game changer.

The grip was off the hook!

Click Image For More Information! Trusted Worldwide.


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