Lightweight Face Shieldsfrom CRC – CV19

New CV19 Shield from CRC

Personal Protective Equipment


Super strong, extreme lightweight for all day comfort.

Crazy world we live in currently. We are all suffering from this worldwide pandemic. Our home State of NY is especially affected from this deadly virus. And despite being a full 5 hour drve from NY City, lives and business throughout the state are greatly disrupted and concerned.

The State and Federal government is asking manufacturers to try to step in to help with the worldwide shortage of Personal Protective Equipment. Working with nurse practitioners and other top health officials, we put together a protective face shield to try to help public health and emergency personnel that are struggling to find PPE. 

Our new CV19 Shield is a super light, but very strong and comfortable mask/visor made here at CRC in Rome, NY. It is designed to “flex-fit” different head sizes. To further adjust the visor for a personal fit, a simple rubber band, coated elastic band or hair tie wrapped around the looped end creates some extra “squeeze” for a nice secure fit if needed. To increase comfort, the front forehead arch is covered with a nice soft foam strip. The biggest feature of this unit is the extreme light weight and low “disposable” cost. (These items are typically used for one shift or patient and then disposed of.)

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CV19 Shield – Hoping to fill the PPE void in this crazy pandemic.

Here at CRC, our roots always go back to 1/12th scale. So, with that in mind, we used a couple model car features;

1 – A flexing suspension (we all remember flexing T-bars from the Associated 12L). This provides the flex and lightweight frame to build from.

2 – We incorporated the EZ and quick O-ring mounts from the old Corally cars. (those that remember Corally used O-rings to mount almost everything). This makes it easy and quick to secure the shield to the frame.

3 – And then finally, our “Battery Retention System” (Yes, the big rubber band that CRC uses to hold the battery, and now copied by MANY manufacturers). The rubber band in the back allows the shield to be custom adjusted and fitted to different head sizes.


Soft rubber against your forehead for all day comfort.
Face shields are replaceable quickly with no tools. Quick pull of a rubber o-ring.
With the elastic – fits all noggins!
A small elastic band can be installed for a more secure fit on a smaller head. With the elastic, the CV19 fits all sizes comfortably.


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