New LCG Rear Pods for Xti-based cars!

New LCG rear pod for the

World Champion CRC Xti-WC car

New from Team CRC is a low CG (center of gravity) rear pod for the Xti-based cars. The new LCG motor pods are great for modern racing with tiny tires! Even with 38mm bare rims, 4mm of ride height! Slider adjustments make ride height changes a snap.

The new rear pod plates from Calandra Racing are made from super strong 7075-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, anodized in CRC’s blood red with silver double machining. These new pods are designed for modern high-grip 1/12th scale racing with very small tires. The ride height adjustments are done with CRC’s innovative “sliders”, often copied, but never duplicated. No inserts, no spacers, no little washers to count or lose, just loosen the 4 screws, set the car on the desire ride height and tighten the screws! The pod is designed to allow plenty of ground clearance, in fact, 4mm of ride height is available even with bare rims on the car.

The center of gravity on this pod system has been lowered greatly. The overall height is lower, the bulk of the weight is near the bottom and even the upper motor screw has been lowered. The sliders are smaller and the upper plate now uses 2 screws instead of 3. Much lower CG with added strength and the ability to run tiny tires with a lot of ground clearance. .


New rear brace with “CRC” machined in.
Strong, lightweight and allows SUPER SMALL tires!
CRC invented the Slider EZ adjust pod, now in LCG!.
To convert, just bolt to your existing bottom and top plate.
The new pods use 2 mounting screws on the top plate. You can leave the top plate or chop the 3rd screw section with a rotary tool as shown above
Top plate chopped and installed with 2 screws.
Original slider on the left, LCG on the right. Lower and stronger as well as offering a ton of ride height!


With the new 33505, you will get all you need to convert your Xti-based machine to the LCG system. The following is included;

1 – 33501 LCG motor plate

2 – 33511 LCG Sliders

1 – 33521 LCG left-side plate

1 – 33503 – rear carbon “X” brace.


Converts all Xti-based CRC 1/12th scale cars!


Team CRC LCG Pod Conversion for Xti

Suggested retail $69.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734335054
Shipping Dec 15, 2016

LCG Pod Carbon “X” brace

Suggested retail $19.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734335030
Shipping Dec 15, 2016



13841 – Damper tube hexball conversion

2016 Damper tube hex ball conversion – Starting with the 2016 Gen-X 10RT and FC-16 F1 car, CRC has converted the upper damper tube hex ball to a pass-through ballstud rather than a male thread-in ballstud. The former 1384 steel ball stud is now discontinued and replaced with the new 13844 ball stud and 1433 4-40 x 3/16 screw. For older cars that need a 1384 ballstud, this conversion allows you to modify your top plate and use these new parts. It comes with a drill bit to open up the 2mm holes to #4 to allow the 4-40 x 3/16 button head screws. Drill the 2 damper tube holes on your top plate, run the 3/16 x 4-40 screws into the 13844 ball studs and your are good to go.

Uses 3/16 hex with a 4-40 thread
Uses 3/16 x 4-40 screws through the carbon. Use #1433 or 14332.
All you need to convert your older ride to the new pass-thru hexball configuration.


2016 Damper tube ballstud conversion

Suggested retail $7.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734138419


Other items new on the site 12-2016

#13692 Upper damper tube ballcups


Upper damper tube plastic ballcups

Suggested retail $3.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734136927


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