New products for November 2016

New! Double clamping left hub

for 1/12th scale – Fit all Xti-based cars

Finally, a perfectly balanced left wheel hub for 1/12th scale. Fits CRC Xti-based cars.

Check out the “sneak peek” of the new low CG motor pods for tiny tires! With 38mm bare rims, 4mm of ride height. Coming soon!

Due to the tight confines of 1/12th scale racing, left wheel hubs have always had a problem being both lightweight AND balanced. That is now solved with CRC’s new double clamper. Perfectly true, balanced and lightweight, the hub fits all Xti-based CRC 1/12th cars. It will fit any 1/12th car with the proper spacing on the left side bulkhead.


Uses M2.5 x 6 screws to clamp.
Uses 4-40 screws for wheel mounting.


Team CRC Double clamp 1/12th hub

Suggested retail $21.99
UPC Product Barcode 80073403318
Shipping Nov 1, 2016


13844 – Damper tube hex ball studs – These are the new inner (small end) damper tube balls that we are now using on all cars made 2016 and later; WTF-1 FC16, Gen-X 10RT and beyond. On older cars, these can replace the 1384 self-tap ballstuds.

Uses 3/16 hex with a 4-40 thread
Uses 3/16 x 4-40 screws through the carbon. Use #14331 or 14332.

Other new items on the site.

Damper tube hex balls

Suggested retail $7.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734138440


Other items new on the site 11-1-2016

1454-1/2 x 4-40 red aluminum flat head-1/16 hex
14332-3/16 x 4-40 red button head screws-1/16 hex
1468 – 1/4 x 4-40 red alum button head


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