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New goodies from CRC

Parts and accessories for the Xti

The Xti gets an “Altered Ego”

The new “Altered Ego” chassis kits for the Xti. In addition to front/rear weight bias alterations, the car is a bit shorter. Also, the transverse link mounts are incorporated into the chassis.

The new CRC Xti 1:12th car has been a huge success! We thank all of you for supporting the car. The popular Xti has won the IIC in Las Vegas, the Halloween Classic and the U.S. Indoor Championships in Ohio already this season. The stock Xti has proven very quick with exceptional speed in the corners and lightning transitions through the chicanes. The true inline setup of the car really makes for a nimble machine.

However, the nimble aggressive little monster maybe a bit too nimble for some, hence the “Altered Ego” chassis. The Altered Ego has some geometry “alterations” to mellow the car, making it a bit more stable and providing a more locked feeling to the rear end. Three different pieces make up an “Altered Ego”; the #3223 chassis, the #3224 rear lower plate and the #3225 rear upper plate. The full kit is the #3226.


Altered Ego parts for the Xti


Part #3226 – Complete Altered Ego kit
Retail $69.99
UPC: 800734032267

Part #3223 – Altered Ego Chassis Only
Retail $49.99
UPC: 800734032236

Part #3224 – Altered Ego Bottom Plate
Retail $19.99
UPC: 800734032243

Part #3225 – Altered Ego Rear Top Plate
Retail $13.99
UPC: 800734032250


With the Altered Ego parts, the car can be run inline or transverse, however, the geometry alterations do make for a tight fit between the 1s pack and the reversed servo in the inline configuration. We have have run the car inline and it is awesome. However, only the smaller sized speedos and receivers make this possible. In the transverse position, the car has a ton of room to mount electronics and lots of options to move the battery forward and back.

In addition to the “Altered Ego” components, there is a new “solid” chassis available for the Xti using stock geometry. The new solid chassis incorporates the transverse “wings” much like the Altered Ego version. Also, all the new chassis (stock, solid and altered) have been beefed up as we have had some chassis breakage in the body mount area. This has been more of a problem for those who do not use a CRC compatible bumper. Speaking of bumpers, we recommend using the CRC 3259 bumper or the Slapmaster bumper. Foam bumpers from other manufactures (read Associated) are NOT designed for the CRC car and the foam is way too soft. Save a life, save a lexan body, save a chassis, use a good bumper made for the car.


32580 – Xti Solid Chassis – standard Xti geometry with the transverse link mounts incorporated in the chassis.
Part #32580 – Xti Solid Chassis – Stock geometry with transverser link mounts incorporated.
Retail $49.99
UPC: 800734325802


3258 – Standard Xti Chassis with revised frontal crash impact area. New shipments of the stock chassis will have these revisions.


Also new from CRC are titanium front axles for the CRC Pro Strut front end. These are for the new 3221 Steering block with the 1/8th axles. Lightweight and super strong.


#4116 – Titanium Axles for the 1/8″ Axle for CRC Pro Strut Front End.

Part #4116 – Titanium Front Axles – CRC Pro Strut
Retail $17.99
UPC: 800734041160


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