New releases from Team CRC!

New products from Team CRC

Fenix Gear Differentials for F1 and Pan Cars!

New releases…. F1 wings + Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec

Team CRC is happy to announce that we will distribute the Fenix racing line in North America. Check our website for more information. Dealer inquires welcome. Also, new in stock is the super small and light Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec and F1 wings.

You may have seen at some of the races, some Team CRC cars testing with the new Fenix gear diffs in the car. At Vegas, Cleveland and the Snowbirds, we tried the machined gear diff from Fenix Racing in Italy. At the Cleveland event, Frank Calandra used the diff to take the T.Q. position in the F1 division. At the Snowbirds race, Andrew Knapp set second on the grid with the Fenix F1 diff as well. The diff “action” is adjusted by adding silicone fluid to the spider gears. This heavy fluid slows the diff action, sending more power to the inside tire. Fluids from 500k to 2.5 million and beyond are used to twaek the action of the diff. Is a gear diff always faster? No, but much like a stiff spring or a different shock oil, the gear diff is another tuning tool that is vital for top performance.


A full selection of gear differentials for pan car racing.
F1 diff in both metric and imperial shaft sizes.
a diff for 200 mm pan cars like World GT and GT-R.
For 235mm wide Pro-10 cars with 48 pitch or 64 pitch spur gears.
The new 1/12th gear diff.
Replacement spur gears and parts available.


Complete diffs listed below, full parts list on the site.


Part #
4040F1 Gear Diff for Metric axles – 86 tooth 64p$149.99 / 119.99800734040408
4041F1 Gear Imperial Diff – 86 tooth 64p$149.99 / 119.99800734040415
4042200mm Pan Car-World GT/GT-R – 92t 64p$149.99 / 119.99800734040422
4043235mm Pan Car – 92 tooth 64 pitch$149.99 / 119.99800734040439
4044235mm Pan Car – 77 tooth 48 pitch$149.99 / 119.99800734040446
40451/12th scale Gear Diff – 86 tooth 64 pitch$149.99 / 119.99800734040453


A full line of Fenix replacement and maintenance will be available on the website here. Shipping March 1, 2017.



Formula 1 wings

For the Formula 1 car, the Tamiya F60 front wing is a great choice. A ton of down force, super strong and durable. The problem is that the wing is normally found only with the F60 body and this can get pricey. Team CRC worked a deal with Tamiya to get the wing separate and it is now available from Calandra Racing.

To go with the front wing, our team consistently uses the CRC rear F1 wing. It is an adjustable dual element wing that is wide. It produces a ton of downforce and works great. The upper element can be adjusted up or down. Like the front wing, the rear wing is very durable and works great on the WTF-1!.

Durable with high downforce!
CRC’s wide rear wing with adjustable upper element.


Tamiya F60 Front wing – Black

Suggested retail $18.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015796


CRC Dual element adjustable rear wing

Suggested retail $24.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015802




Aluminum adjustable body mounts for World GT-R!

Super rigid, adjustable body mounts for the CRC World GT-R car. These body posts feature a stiff delrin inner piece that slides and locks with a set screw. They also use the “flapper” rotating body rest piece for less body damage and a perfect fit. The aluminum base and machined delrin post make for a stiff rigid mount perfect for the scale World GT-R bodies.

Adjustable body mounts for GT-R 2 front, 2 rear


Red Anodized aluminum adjustable body mounts for World GT-R

Suggested retail $39.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734018780



New Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec!


Extra small footprint and lightweight. Perfect for 1/12!

1s Stock Spec has ROAR legal “No Timing” software as well as timing and turbo functions.

Hobbywing 1s Stock Spec Controller – Black

Suggested retail $114.99
In stock


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