New year, new products!

Happy New Year!


New products WTF-1 goodies from Team CRC!


CNC machined upper A-arms found on the 2017 Vegas and Cleveland winning CRC WTF-1 now available.

New from Team CRC are the A-arms we have received a lot of requests for. First spotted on Frank Calandra’s Cleveland T.Q. car in 2016, the prototype A-arms have been refined and tweaked and are now ready for public consumption (well, please don’t eat them, but put them on your WTF-1). The arms are strong, precision manufactured and make a great car even better.


CRC Machined A-arms for the WTF-1

#1548 – Machined A-arms

MSRP – $32.99 ~ Street $29.99
Item #1548
UPC Product Barcode 800734015482


Also new for the WTF-1 is the “Less 6” front end kit. The kit narrows the front end to make the car more responsive and nimble. In most cases a narrow front end increases front end traction and steering. Keep in mind, a narrow front end could also induce too much roll and cause lifting or traction rolling. So the narrow front end is a tuning tool that can be used to make the car more nimble. Also, at some handout races, racers have been forced to run odd rims on the market with a crazy wide offset, this narrow front end brings the front width back to a normal range to make the car more aggressive and increase turn-in, despite the offset of the rims.


#15402 – “Less 6” narrow front end kit – WTF-1

MSRP – $29.99
Item #15402
UPC Product Barcode 800734154020
#15401 – “Less 6” front carbon plate, 2.5mm – WTF-1


MSRP – $21.99
Item #15401
UPC Product Barcode 80073415401
#15442 – Upper pivot ball – short for 15402


MSRP – $9.99
Item #15442
UPC Product Barcode 800734154426




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