New Zero-flex Carbon fiber for CK25

ZeroFlex (Z-flex) Carbon

Stiff, durable, resilient and low center of gravity.

Z-flex chassis and bottom plate for the

Carpet Knife Twenty5 “CK25”


Compared to aluminum, Z-flex is stiffer, has lower center of gravity with tungsten inserts and returns to flat every time!

Calandra Racing Concepts introduces a premium carbon fiber chassis material; Zero-flex Carbon (Z-flex). This material is vastly more rigid, stiff, strong and torsionally tough than standard carbon fiber materials on the market. And when comparing Z-flex to aluminum, not only is Z-flex is stiffer, it returns to flat after a big crash. With aluminum, a big crash turns your aluminum chassis into a a twisted mess.

Why Z-flex? Some drivers prefer an ultra-stiff, rigid chassis on high grip tracks. This is especially true at big races on CRC’s Fasttrak II black racing carpet. Z-flex carbon is the answer! Some companies have turned to aluminum material for a stiff chassis feel on these high bite tracks. It is stiff and relatively heavy. The designers then mill out a bunch of material in an effort to lower the weight of the chassis to get the car near the minimum weight rule. They leave enough material in the aluminum chassis to provide a heavier, low center of gravity piece. The problem is, opening up those milling windows to reduce the weight greatly weakens the chassis, making it vunerable to twisting and tweaking. And because aluminum doesn’t like to flex and return back to flat, it bends and stays tweaked or bent. Hang out with an aluminum chassis racer at a big track and the amount of discarded, curled aluminum chassis grows like an expensive pile shiny potato chips.


CK25 with a Z-flex chassis + tungsten

The Z-flex chassis has an opening for tungsten weights. These weights hang flush with the bottom, putting the CG (center of gravity) extremely low. A full 28 grams is hanging right on the bottom, keeping the car flat, low and fast!
Shown below – Z-flex chassis 33573, tungsten kit 33575 and Z-flex bottom plate #33661
Z-flex – Stiffer than aluminum, lower CG than aluminum with the weights and RETURNS TO FLAT after a hit. The only answer on ultra high grip.
Z-flex bottom plate for the CK25 – #33661


To Z-flex or not to Z-flex?

At the 2016 IIC in Las Vegas, Andrew Knapp swept ALL 1/12th classes; Stock 17.5, Super Stock 13.5 and Modified. With all the big race teams from USA, Europe and Asia in the house, the CK25 in prototype form dominated the event in the capable hands of Andrew Knapp. Not only did Knapp win and T.Q., Andrew won EVERY qualifier and led every lap in the 13.5 class with the prototype CK25 with stock carbon fiber.

While Andrew had a CK25 prototype with stock carbon for 13.5, in Modified and in 17.5, Andrew had a Xti-WC car with prototype Z-flex chassis material. Andrew went on to win all 3 classes. Do you need Z-flex to win, obviously not, Andrew won against the best competition in the world with a very stock CK25 with standard carbon fiber. He also won the 17.5 and Mod titles with ultra-stiff, super durable Z-flex material on his Xti-WC.

Prototype CK25 and CRC’s Xti-WC with Z-flex dominate the 2016 IIC!

Knapp dominated the 2016 IIC with a prototype CK25. T.Q. and win with the new car from CRC!

He also won the mod and 17.5 classes with a WC car and prototype Z-flex material.



Z-flex chassis – CRC CK25

Suggested retail $129.99
Street price $89.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734335733

Z-flex bottom plate- CRC CK25

Suggested retail $32.99
Street price $29.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734335757


28 gram Tungsten Carbide Kit, with tape

Suggested retail $22.99
Street price $19.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734335757



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