2232 – 1:12 Spec – WGT Stripe Rear


2232 – 1:12 Spec – WGT Stripe Rear


The original and still the best Spec 1/12th tire – CRC Stripe. CRC was the first company to introduce striped tires specifically for spec racing. Helps keep costs down. High grip, long wear Japanese foam.

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Calandra Racing WGT Stripe 1/12 Spec Rear Tires use the same purple stripe compound foam used for 1/10 World GT spec racing. This is the compound required by TOUR rules for the 1/12 Truck class, and is being used by some road course clubs as a control tire class as well! Mounted on High Roller 38 large diameter HR-38 rims, Pro-Cut tires are low profile race tires, and trued to 1.90 rear.

High Roller 38 Wheels:

Instead of simply adding a rim filler, CRC has taken the large wheel trend one step farther by increasing the rim diameter to the ROAR and IFMAR legal limit of 38mm. CRC's HR-38 wheel is light weight, with a unique spoke pattern that results from the placement of the strengthening ribs. The internal ribs not only support the outer diameter, but they also add strength to the critical 3-hole mounting area, by providing a web of material on each side of the hole. Older standard wheel designs leave the 3-hole area un-braced, resulting in a weak area that could flex. The rear wheel has mounting offsets that are slightly narrower, allowing the user to custom shim the rear axle width and track.


  • Light, but strong.
  • Race ready, right from the package, no tire grinding needed!
  • Large diameter, with low-profile.
  • Legal everywhere.
  • High Roller 38 rim accepts standard 1/12th donuts.
  • Tire Outer Diameter: 1.90
  • Wheel Outer Diameter: 1.495 (38mm)


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