2320B – Mounted RT1 Rubber Tires on CRC F1 Wheels (4) – BLEM


2320B – Mounted RT1 Rubber Tires on CRC F1 Wheels (4) – BLEM


Wanna save money and win races? CRC is now offering the rubber tire at a big discount. Check out our these tires that simply didn’t make the 100% perfect cut.  CRC RT-1 Pre-Mounted Front & Rear Rubber Tires are perfect for Formula 1 racing with minor aesthetic issues.

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Like any product, during the production of our revolutionary RT-1 rubber tire, occasionally, we reject a tire for minor aesthetic issues. A small bump here, a little bubble there, maybe some issues on the sidewalls, either way, the imperfections do NOT hinder performance. These tires perform 100% How do we know? Well, when the race team needs tires, they get the Blems, and they win with the Blems.

The awesome CRC RT-1 Pre-Mounted F1 Front & Rear Rubber Tires, perfect for Formula 1 racing. The tires are ready to run, and fit most all modern 1/10th F1 pan cars. These tires last for many, many races with drivers using them for multiple season with NO degradation in performance. These are far beyond rubber touring car tires as these are made to grip and made to last. Now available fully mounted and ready to use.

The Blems are limited supply, get them while they are in stock! These are not refundable.


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