7000 – Multi-Funct Program Box-LCD

7000 – Multi-Funct Program Box-LCD


This Advanced Program Box is used to set the programmable parameters of brushless ESC, it has a 16*2 characters LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to get a friendly user interface, so you can set the programmable parameters very easily. It is pocket-sized, so you can bring it to the race tracking conveniently.

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Hobbywing Program box - Multi-program Adapter and Interface

With a laptop, the device acts as the USB adapter to link the ESC to the PC. This allows the firmware to be downloaded through the LCD Box to the ESC. The LCD box is the port to allow the speedo to talk to the PC. While connected to the laptop, in additon to applying firmware to the ESC, all the features of the firmware can be adjusted on the laptop. Disconnect the laptop, and all the firmware functions loaded onto the ESC can be adjsted with the Program box.

The LCD Program box is an interface to adjust the software features that were download to the ESC. Once the firmware loaded on the speed control, the LCD box is the user interface to allow you to adjust the functions and features.

To further explain, to change firmware versions loaded (say no timing blinky to full function) on your speedcontrol you will need the following;
Latest Hobbywing USB link PC software for your computer
The LCD Multi Box
Compatitble Hobbywing ESC

As part of the latest USB link software for your PC, there will be a number of downloadable "firmware" packages for your speed control. There are a different firmware packages for modified, stock racing and no timing "blinky" racing, these are updated as new developements become available. Each different firmware has different adjustable features and of course the "no timing" firmware does NOT have any type of timing adjustment. The LCD box without the PC can only control the features of the current firmware that has been loaded to the speedo. You cannot switch between firmware packages without a laptop and the LCD box.

Complete with USB cable.


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