7115 – XeRun XR10 1s


7115 – XeRun XR10 1s


Lightweight 1s controller – with internal booster.

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Lightweight 1s controller - with internal booster.
** 40% smaller in volume. 24% lighter in weight **
**Super BEC. Internal BEC features booster circuitry can output the current/voltage of up to 6A/6V and power various servos without connecting any extra receiver battery. **
** Built-in electronic switch (with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles, dust-proof and shock-resistant design) **
** Built-in capacitor module saves space and weight making the wiring simple and neat. **
** PWM Frequency tuning - guarantees precise and accurate throttle and brake control for all classes of competitions (esp. the Stock class). **
** Maximum Cooling performance - Separate Programming/Fan Port The separate PRG/FAN port on the ESC can power an external fan to maximize cooling performance or connect the ESC to an LCD program box or WiFi module for ESC programming. **


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