setup – CK-3.1 2000 Cleveland U.S. Indoor Champs

CarCRC Carpet Knife 3.1
Event2000 Cleveland U.S. Indoor Champs
DateNov 2000
Track NoteHigh grip, Open, Fast layout
DriverFrank Calandra
Front End
Front TiresCRC/Jaco Purple – 42 Shore
Front SpringsCRC .020″
Caster2 degrees
Camber-1.5 degrees
Ride Height1/8″
Tire DressingCRC Downforce – 1/2 inside front
Center Shock, T-Bar and Body Shell
Center ShockVCS w/ Stiff Silver spring
Spring PreloadLevel chassis/pod when race ready
BodyProtoform Nissan P35-Lightweight
Rear Settings
Rear TireCRC/Jaco Grey – 37 Shore
Damper Tube Fluid100 weight shock oil
Roll CenterStock
Ride Height1/8″
Tire DressingCRC Downforce – Full width soak
Power Plant
BrushesCRC #6019 – Super Silver
Brush SpringsLight
Gearing30/100 w/ 1.94″ tires
Motor Amps6.92 amps on 3 volts w/fan
BatteryWorld Class Panasonic 3000

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