Team CRC wins the 2022 Snowbird Nationals!

Team CRC take 2 at the Snowbird Nationals!

Knapp and Dayger go 1-2 in Formula 1!

Team CRC WTF-1  car delivers a 1-2 knockout punch in Formula 1!

Andrew Knapp and Jeff Dayger qualify and finish 1-2 at the 2022 Snowbird Nationals.

2-time defending Champ Jeff Dayger and Andrew Knapp sweep the front row!

The CRC WTF-1 DS has now won the Snowbird National Formula 1 division for 3 straight years. The 2022 version had a big influx of competition that included the F1 master and 2019 Snowbirds Champ, Jan Ratheisky in the house.

Much like their epic battles earlier in the season at the Cleveland race, the CRC duo ran 1-2 in the final 3 rounds, fighting for the T.Q. spot. Andrew was able to wrestle T.Q. from Dayger despite Jeff’s faster lap in round 4.

In the A-main, another great battle with Andrew winning the war to take the Championship.

The TQ + Winning F1 car.

A very stock CRC WTF-1 DS, #1502. Much like Andrews 1/12th winning car, pretty much box-stock – just a fan mount.

CRC – Don’t spend more, just win more!

Aluminum chassis? No.
Expensive gear diff? No.
Option shock? No.

$250 at your local dealer and you can be a winner.

Knapp’s WTF-1 DS front end

Again, box stock. CRC F1 tires for the win!

Andrew Knapp T.Q.’s and wins 1/12th Superstock 13.5!

CRC CK25-AR car, CRC Tires and a Black Art body by CRC.

Knapp takes yet another Snowbird National Championship!

The 2022 Snowbird Nationals is back in full force after a couple slow years of COVID. This year, the competition was heavy with racers and teams from the UK, Europe and of course North America.

In 1/12th Superstock, Team CRC’s Andrew Knapp dominated qualifying with his CK25-AR. Andrew used CRC pro-cut tires and a Black Art body from CRC to win 3 out of 4 rounds of qualifying ending up in the Top Qualifying spot. In the A-main, Knapp went tone-to-tone leading every lap. Teammate Jeff Dayger joined Andrew in the A-main with his CRC ride. Great result in a very competitive class.

The TQ + Winning 13.5 car.

A very stock CRC CK25-AR, #3216, totally box-stock except for tuning items like springs and fluids.

Trinity powered CK25-AR

CRC Pro-cut 1/12th tires and Black Art body by CRC.

Jeff Dayger’s takes his CK25-AR to Top Qualifier in 1/12th 17.5!

The defending champ in 1/12th 17.5 – Jeff Dayger

In 1/12th Stock 17.5, Team CRC’s Jeff Dayger dominated qualifying with his CK25-AR. He won all 4 rounds of qualifying to secure the TQ position with ease. His weapon? the CK25-AR from CRC.

Continuing the roll from the U.S. Indoor Champs in Cleveland this past November, another top result for the best value in 1/12th scale, CRC’s CK25-AR #3216. For a low $225, you can be a champ as well!

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CRC goes 1-2 at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals

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