Team CRC Japan’s Hayato Ishioka TQ’s at Yatabe!

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Hayato Ishioka – Top Qualifier at Yatabe Arena!

…Out qualifies the current World Champ at his home track!

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Team CRC Japan’s team principle, Kimihiko Yano, wrote to us to let us know how Team CRC Japan did at Round 1 of the JMRCA Kanto 1/12 Electric On-road GrandPrix. The following is his report:

JMRCA Kanto 1/12 Electric On-road GrandPrix – Round 1 report

The Kanto region of JMRCA(Japan) began the event of 12th EP Racing this year. The Kanto region is capital Tokyo in Japan and an area in the circumference. There are a lot of facilities such as worldwide famous YATABE Arena in this area. This event is done seven times a year, and the driver who acquires the most points obtains the honor of the overall victory.

Recently, the popularity of 12th racing has risen in Japan. Because a lot of brands CRC, Laje, On Point Racing, V-Dezign, YOKOMO, KAWADA, KYOSHO, and TAMIYA all sell product in Japan.

This is event report for round1.

Round1 events was done at Yatabe arena on February 12. Yokomo’s Yatabe Arena is the world’s largest R/C facility. The IFMAR world championship event was held here many times in the past.

CRC Fasttrak-HD Racing Carpet was introduced into onroad track.

50 drivers in total participated in 17.5T stock class and the Mod class.

Two young CRC drivers attained good results in 12th mod class. Hayato Ishioka acquired TQ from Yokomo’s Matsukura by four seconds with the fast result in the final round of qualifying. And, he placed fourth in the final.

TQ run(Hayato drove CRC Gen-Xi)

Yokomo Matsukura qualify run(2nd)

Toshiki Kunitomo who is another CRC driver was also FAST. He was 4th place qualifier and 2nd place in the final.

As a result of final, Yokomo’s Matsukura won the championship. CRC’s Toshiki placed second, and Yokomo’s Kato got third place.

(from left to right) – 2nd: Kunitomo, 1st: Matsukura, 3rd: Kato

Mod class Final movie

17.5T Stock class Final movie

Team CRC Japan (

Thank You to Kimihiko Yano and Team CRC Japan for the excellent results!

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