Team CRC victorious at the 2018 Snowbirds!

CRC’s WTF-1 Formula 1 Car finishes 1-2

at the 2018 Snowbirds!

Hayato Ishioka, Andrew Knapp and Jeff Dayger qualify 1-2-3!

Knapp dominates 1/12th scale again!


Hayato Ishioka (T.Q.) and Andrew Knapp go 1-2 at the 2018 Snowbird Nationals!
The CRC WTF-1 is undefeated in the 2017 -18 racing season!

CRC grabs the broom and sweeps up the Formula 1 class at the 2018 Snowbird Nationals. CRC cars and tires qualify 1-2-3 with the WTF-1 chassis winning every road of qualifying and the main.


Team CRC Japan driver Hayato Ishioka takes the T.Q. and win in the hotly contested Formula 1 class. His closest competition? CRC teammates Andrew Knapp and Jeff Dayger. Outfitted with CRC’s F1 tire, 3 Trinity powered WTF-1 cars took the top 3 spots in qualifying. A quick note about Hayato and Jeff Dayger; neither driver regularly run Formula 1. This was Jeff’s first go at F1 and Ishioka has only run it once. At the 2016 Snowbirds, he finished on the podium in his first F1 race.

In full scale Formula 1 racing, America has struggled to produce a race-winning Formula 1 chassis. This is NOT the case in radio controlled racing. The Calandra Racing Concepts WTF-1 FC16 car is enjoying a lot of success on the race track. The WTF-1 is undefeated in the 2017-18 race season, with total DOMINATION of the Las Vegas, Cleveland and now the Snowbirds race. What kind of domination? At all 3 of these prestigious events, the CRC WTF-1 has dominated qualifying, winning all 4 rounds, setting T.Q. and winning the A main, solid results, not just a lucky win.

The winning WTF-1 cars feature a stock kit chassis, standard carbon fiber, stock motor plates, stock hardware; in general, cars raced as they come from the kit. The only popular option is the recently released machined upper A-arms. No expensive add-ons, no need for a bendable aluminum chassis, no extra stiff carbon chassis, just a stock chassis and bottom plate. All this performance in a car that comes in almost $100 dollars less than the competition. Get yourself an affordable race machine from CRC. Then you can buy your buddy dinner with the money you saved and show off your championship trophy over desert!


Hayato’s winning WTF-1. Stock chassis and bottom plate in standard carbon; no aluminum, no super stiff carbon.

The CRC #2320 mounted F1 tires provided the grip for many of the cars in the A-main.
Left to right; Jeff Dayger, Andrew Knapp and Hayato Ishioka. Trinity/CRC domination occupy top 3 qualifying positions.




1/12th scale 17.5 – T.Q. wins the A main….again….

The 17.5 class for 1/12th scale was very well attended with a strong, deep field. Much like the race in Cleveland race 2 months ago, Andrew Knapp and his very stock Trinity powered CRC CK25 1/12th car won every round of qualifying and then capped it off with a wire-to-wire win in the A-main. Joining Andrew in the A-main were CRC teammates; Jeff Dayger, John Wiita and Kevin Van Ert.

Knapp’s winning machine had 3 changes from stock; .55mm front springs, the 3276 cross brace and CRC’s Z-flex super stiff chassis. Andrew prefers the feel and performance of Z-flex carbon over any aluminum chassis. When a 1/12th car hits a wall, all chassis, (carbon, stiff carbon and aluminum) are put under high stress and flex greatly during the impact. Unlike aluminum chassis that flex and stay tweaked forever, CRC’s Z-flex super stiff material returns to dead flat every time.


Another impressive win for the Michigan Ace, Andrew Knapp. Knapp’s Trinity powered CK25 took T.Q and a wire-to-wire A-main.

In 17.5, Knapp added the #3276 carbon fiber front end brace to his CK25. He also used the CRC Z-flex super stiff carbon fiber chassis, #33573 for the high bite conditions at the Birds.


Snowbirds 2018

The Birds is a unique race. It features both road course and oval, with track changes during the race week. It has early mornings and late nights. The Birds has qualifying days with 2 qualifiers, and others with only one qualifier per day. The Birds just has a few nuances that are unique to this wonderful event, held mid-winter in the land of sun and warmth.

The track surface as always, CRC’s ultra tough, ultra high grip Fasttrak II racing carpet. It lays out flat, builds grip fast, has practically no fuzz with a wide generous racing groove, even offline. Also featured at the event is CRC quick and easy rugged barrier system, Clik Trak. The most important asset of the Birds, 600 entries and a great management team that balances a good time with a fair event. Looking forward to 2019!

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