Team CRC wins BIG at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nationals

Team CRC takes 3 wins and 4 T.Q.’s

at the 2023 Canadian Onroad Nats!

Roman, Schott and Firsching claim victories!

Carlo Roman takes the win in the popular GT12 class!

T.Q. – Tom takes 2nd!

CRC CK25AR car takes 5 out of the top 6 including 1-2!

Top drivers use the full CRC race package to a T.Q. and win in GT12!

Congrats to Canadian Carlo Roman as he captures the 2023 National Championship in the very popular GT12 class. Roman ran tough all weekend with a mistake-free A-main giving the popular CRC driver the win.

The CK25AR car kit and the #37151 Rocket Fuel Battery! CRC cars result in well over 60% of the field.

T.Q. Tom Firsching

Rome, NY’s Tom Firsching entered 3 classes. He was Top Qualifier in all 3. He ran 12 rounds of qualifying and won 10 of the 12. He lapped up to 3rd place in the Super Stock A-main. CRC cars, tires, batteries, bodies and great driving.  Very impressive weekend.

Beat by a Girl!

The 1/12th stock class had some great competition and almost 30 entries. In the B-main, the guys in the main found themselves worried about getting beat by a girl, or in this case, 2 of them! Central NY racer Kelly Winnicki would end up second with Canadian Julianna Roman not far back. The 2 ladies ran nose to tail, only 3 feet apart and in the top 5 for the entire main. It was incredible to watch as neither made any big mistakes. They worked their way forward, passing many of the “guys” as they clawed their way to the top. 

In the GT12 B main, Julianna put her CRC ride on the podium, again, beating up on a bunch of guys!

Great racing ladies! 


Mike Schott dominates the popular World GT-R class!

Team CRC 1-2-3 with Mark Calandra 2nd and Jeremy D’Amico 3rd.


World GTR – The class for competitive, affordable fun.

Mike Schott defends as World GT-R champ!

Canadian CRC pilot Mike Schott has been rollin’ lately. A podium in Cleveland and back-to-back Canadian National Champion.  Mike kept on rolling this week in Welland, Ontario Canada with his CRC 200R World GT-R car and battery combination. He won all 4 rounds and the A-main for a serious “beat-down” of his competitors. 

CRC cars, CRC rubber tires, CRC’s hot new #37151 Rocket Fuel SHO 1s pack….. and a clean sweep of the podium!

Tom Firsching dominates the 13.5 Super Stock Class!

In the quick 13.5 class, Firsching used the full CRC race package; car, battery, body and tires. to totally capture the class. In the A-main, Tom just flat drove away from the pack, nearly lapping the entire field. A perfect drive. Congrats Mr. Firsching.

Right there with Tom in both the stock and 13.5 class was team driver Jared Bardin. A solid 2nd in Stock and 4th in 13.5 gave the young driver a great overall result. A bunch of CRC drivers were in attendance and we appreciate the support!  Thanks.

Rising star award!

Each year at the Canadian Nationals, various manufacturers donate product to help support the club as they “sponsor” 2 young racers. The management team picks 2 young racers that exhibit sportsmanship and dedication to the hobby. This year Paxton Herman and Julianna Roman took the honors with Paxton taking home the touring car package and Julianna taking home the onroad package.

With Julianna already in CRC equipment, it is great to see her win another car she can race. Rumor has it she will be talking dad into attending Cleveland in November 2023. Watch out for the Romans to be tearing up the US Indoor Champs.

CRC’s WGT 200R #1811

The new World GT-R “200” platform features CRC’s “AR (adjustable roll center) rear pivot. The allows the racer to tune the suspension for varying grip levels.

A 200mm World GTR car for rubber tire racing. Release around January 1.

Multiple battery positions and configurations

This World GT “200” platform will be available in a “R” for rubber and a “F” for GT10 foam racing and a full 235mm wide version for outside. YES, this new 1/10th scale platform will bridge across 3 different cars; the 200mm wide “R”  for rubber racing, the 200mm GT10 2s “F” foam race car and it will also serve as the basis for the new up coming 235mm version of the machine.

Rear fan mount

This World GT 200R will come stock with a fan mount incorporated in the rear pod brace. Without a fan, this piece is lightweight and super strong. With a fan mounted, your race motor receives cooling airflow.

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2024 Canadian On-road Nationals!

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