1510 – F1 Promount Wheels-CRC, Schumacher, Black

1510 – F1 Promount Wheels-CRC, Schumacher, Black


F1 Promount wheels for CRC, Schumacher and Pit Shimizu tires

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F1 Promount wheels
Many of currently available wheels for F1 are based on the Tamiya foam tire wheel. The foam tire wheel from Tamiya is a well designed and produced wheel. However, it was DESIGNED for FOAM tires, with no centering ribs or mounting guide ribs for the rubber tire bead. When rubber tires started becoming popular, these foam wheels were because they were readily available, despite not being designed for rubber tires. And while they worked OK, there was plenty of room for improvement. The CRC wheel fixes all issues and is very true and durable. Black


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