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Founded in 1993 – Located in Rome, NY

Calandra Racing Concepts, Inc.

Team CRC was founded in 1993 by president Frank Calandra Jr. Located in Rome, NY, CRC manufactures, designs and promotes radio controlled (R/C) model car products and model car racing.

Our experience bridges both electric motors and internal combustion engine powered R/C cars in carpet, dirt and asphalt varieties. Our staff consists of racing family members Frank Sr., Jr. and younger brother Mark, as well as other local R/C racers that have joined our team of dedicated employees. Calandra Racing is housed in a large 10,000 square foot facility that includes test tracks for indoor carpet as well as adjacent outdoor dirt and asphalt circuits.


– Frank Calandra Jr.

CRC Products & Racing History

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CRC’s model car racing roots date back to the early 1960’s when Frank Calandra Sr. began his model racing career with slot cars. The senior Frank was passionate and enthusiastic about the hobby that began to flourish in the 60’s. Frank Sr. learned the foundation of electric motor preparation and building in these early racing days. Also Frank Sr. was known to scratch-build an excellent slot car chassis. Senior shared his enthusiasm with his young son Frank Jr., bringing junior to the slot races at very young ages. It is those early days that fueled junior’s desire to race most anything with wheels.

Frank Jr. starting his racing efforts in motocross. In 1979, Frank began a racing motocross in the northeastern US. As always, Frank Sr. was there with physical, moral and financial support. Senior acted as pitman, motor home driver, sponsor, critic and all around assistant to junior’s early motocross career. Later, brother Mark joined in on the racing, starting his 2-wheeled career at the tender age of 3! Yes, 3 years old racing mini-cycles. Frank’s professional career was highlighted by a strong finish at the 1986 FIM World Motocross Championship in Unadilla, NY.

After a long break in which Frank concentrated on racing R/C cars, frank would return to motocross in 2014 as a Plus 50 year old veteran rider. After a couple years getting back into the sport, improving his technique and fitness, 2016 would prove to be a huge rollercoaster ride for the revitalized veteran MX rider. Frank experienced the high of winning win both the ARHMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) at the world famous Unadilla MX Park in NY and the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Motocross National Championships at the Mid-Ohio MX Park in Ohio. Unfortunately, just one day after capturing his National title in Ohio, the excitement of a national Championship would quickly crumble as Frank would break his neck in a crash on Sunday, fracturing his C1 vertebrae. After 30 minutes of being unable to move or feel below the neck, Frank was blessed by God above to regain feeling and muscle control on the Med-Flight helicopter ride to the Grant Trauma Center. The subsequent neck surgery would put an abrupt end to the motocross career that started way back in 1979. 

Strangely, it was also 1979 when Frank Jr. picked up his first competitive R/C car, the Tamiya Rough Rider. R/C racing in upstate NY was virtually non-existent in the early 80’s. In fact, the closest place to get parts for the Rough Rider was the famous Ranch Pit Shop in California. All the way across the country! Frank and a few friends organized some racing in 1980 and 81, but it soon dwindled down and the model cars were put away until 1988. During those years, Frank would both compete professionally as an MX rider and complete his college degree, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Robotics and Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York, College of Technology.

With a big push from younger brother Mark, the Calandra gang re-entered the R/C racing scene in 1988. Sr., Jr. and Mark all had vehicles and raced local club events around central NY in the late 1980’s. In 1990, Frank Jr. took a job with a local R/C manufacturer designing various motor and chassis parts, as well as an AC peak detector charger. In 1992, Frank went on to win the ROAR National Championship for modified 1/12th scale cars in Detroit, MI. in an extremely close finish with world-renown Tony Neisinger and Joel Johnson.

The cold winter months in the Northeast forced the CRC gang indoors to race each year. That indoor setting was perfect for 1/12th carpet racing which was very popular. The result… a concentration in on-road racing products including the revolutionary Carpet Knife 1/12th scale road racer. The CRC designed Carpet Knife car kit is a mainstay in the highly competitive 1/12th scale division. The Carpet Knife has become the standard to which other 12th cars are measured. The Carpet Knife v3.0 released in 1997 would re-define 1/12th scale car design with DNA from the 1997 model still being used by all manufactures some 25 years later.  The CRC car kit line has expanded with Road Course, Formula 1 and Oval car kits in both 1/10th and 1/12th scales. We utilize computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM) processes in the manufacture of all of our products. 

After many, many Regional, US National, Canadian National, British Championships and European National titles, Calandra Racing Concepts would reach the pinnacle with a win the 2014 IFMAR 1/12th scale World Champions. The US designed and manufactured car and tires would win the title in the capable hands of German pilot Marc Rheinard. 

Now, CRC leads the way with a variety of products; lithium polymer batteries for racing and sport, car kits for oval and road racing, the revolutionary 1/10th rubber tires that have re-defined both oval and road racing as well as 1/12th scale world champion winning foam tires. Many products made right here at our facility in Rome, NY. With worldwide distributors, many allied companies as well as a great team of North America support, Calandra Racing Concepts will march into it’s 30th year of making the best RC model racing products at a great price. We would be honored to have you join us in the journey!

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