1711 – Gen-X 10 235mm Expansion Kit

1711 – Gen-X 10 235mm Expansion Kit


Convert your Gen-X 10 LE (1712) + GenX-10 (1710) cars to 235 mm wide cars.

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This is the CRC Gen-X10 235mm Expansion Kit. Team CRC has done it again! They took the most adjustable and adaptable 10th scale 200mm pan car on the market and raised the bar one step further. Gen-X 10 drivers can now harness the power of brushless motors and LiPo batteries with the greatest of ease on those big, fast asphalt tracks thanks to the 235mm Expansion Kit for the Gen-X 10.

The lightweight hub extensions key into the hubs for a precision, wobble free fit every time. They also have a locating ring for the wheel to center on, and the design of the hub extensions allow for easy access to not only the hub mounting bolts, but there is ample space for your diff wrench as well. Each hub extension is 15mm wide, bringing your stock 200mm Gen-X 10 out to 230mm. This allows the driver to tune the rear track width with shims to get just the right width for the body of your choice. With the use of 3mm diff spacers (4121) and a few shims (4732) the rear width can be increased to 240mm!

The Gen-X 10 235mm Expansion Kit is so adjustable that you can fit any of the numerous different body sizes out there. The wide front end plates included in the Gen-X 10 Expansion Kit feature two sets of front end holes. The inner set is for most of the popular 1/10 pan car GTP bodies that taper in at the front such as the 905B from Protoform. The outer set is for wider nitro car bodies such as the 235mm Lola from Parma. The wide front end plates also have multiple sets of holes for track width and wheel base adjustment, similar to the adjustments on the stock plates.


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