3216 – CRC CK25 AR – Competition 1/12th scale car kit


3216 – CRC CK25 AR – Competition 1/12th scale car kit

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Carpet Knife™ Twenty5 AR

The new CK25AR is an exciting, affordable 1/12th scale kit with a ton of adjustments. Already a proven winner, dominating the 2021 NYGP, the AR takes adjustability, performance and affordability to the next level.
Multiple wins in both rubber and foam tire racing, GT12 and LMP classes; Snowbirds, Cleveland, ROAR Nats and more!

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The new CRC CK25 AR

(AR - adjustable roll)

The most affordable, adjustable high performance 1/12th scale car available!


CK25AR  - Already a Double Champion! 2021 NYGP T.Q. and winner!



Dayger + Knapp dominated the 2021 NYGP with the CK25AR.
T.Q. and winner with the new car from CRC!
*** Dayger cleans house winning 17.5, 13.5 + F1! ***


The new CK25AR is an exciting, affordable 1/12th scale kit with a ton of adjustments. Already a proven winner, dominating the 2021 NYGP, the AR takes adjustability, performance and affordability to the next level.  Lets take a look at some of the new features of the AR;

Adjustable roll center center pivot - changing the rear roll center on previous versions of the CRC cars was a bit difficult. This new pivot on the AR makes roll center adjustments easy and quick. Now, with just a quick adjustment, the racer can raise the pivot (for more steering and aggressive cut ) or lower the pivot for a less aggressive chassis feel. Quick, easy and very strong. Plus, the clamping design allows the pivot to be adjusted free with no play.

New steering block - The new 3222 steering block has an optional steering tie-rod position that can be used to alter the steering feel. The new mounting position changes the Ackerman giving the car an aggressive steering response.

Solid axle or rear differential option - There are so many different classes of racing in the 1/12th division;  modified motor, stock motor, foam tire, rubber tire, high grip carpet, low grip carpet or asphalt; you need a car that can adapt to the condition you plan to race without spending a ton of money. Once again, CRC to the rescue. The CK25AR comes with the solid axle setup that is commonly used on high bite carpet. The car also comes with the parts needed to make a differential. The differential is typically the choice for the popular GT12 rubber tire class. It is also preferred on low grip carpet or asphalt. With other brands, you are spending hundreds to get the parts you need, with CRC the parts are in the box.

The most ADJUSTABLE 1/12th car on the market  - The other guys new car designs are removing adjustment adjustment options, no camber, no dynamic caster, no camber gain adjustments. And worse yet, the few adjustments they do offer are VERY expensive. You wanna change the camber on a CRC CK25AR, just a quarter turn with a hex wrench. The other guys, if you want to change from 1 degree to 2 degrees camber, break out $25 dollars. And if you want to go in 1/2 degree steps.... oh yea, that's another $25 dollars. And if you want to change camber gain... oh yeah, they don't offer that. How about dynamic caster, nope, that's gone too! With the CRC CK25AR, you have all those adjustments at your finger tips and it is all included in the box! You have 0,5 and 10 degrees of dynamic caster. Change the camber with just a twist of a hex wrench.

Optional side rail stiffeners - The new CK25AR is ready to accept the optional side rail stiffeners. The thought is; these rails offer extra rigidity, which on fast, high bite tracks, this extra stiffness can be beneficial. With the side rails added, the CK25AR's already stiff 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis is beefed up even stiffer. The amount of stiffness is adjustable by loosening and/or removing the front rail screws. Do you need these stiffening rails? Are they a must have ? Well, Jeff Dayger did NOT need them to win the 2021 New York GP at 360 Raceway which is known for its incredible high grip. You probably won't need them either. But, racers like to have all the bases covered, so we give you the option to add it to your CK25AR. And yes, just like full-scale F1 cars, no aluminum chassis! No expensive, bendable aluminum chassis is used on the CK25AR.  Why? When you hit the wall hard with an aluminum chassis pan car, yup, that's a $100 bent chassis. Hit the wall with a CK25AR carbon fiber chassis, the composite goes right back to flat. Don't spend more, just win more with CRC!

** New center pivot **

width=The new center pivot makes rear roll center adjustments quick and easy. Throw some washer/shims under the front and rear pivot pieces, roll center is adjusted.

width=**Some photos display optional parts like tires, servos and other items, this is a kit, no tires, electronics**

*** Pay less, get more in the kit ***


width=Built for 1/12th Modified or GT12, the CK25AR comes with a differential AND a solid axle.

width=Even with both options included, the CK25AR is still over $125 dollars less expensive than the other guys .

*** New steering block for 2022 ***

Stock on the CK25AR!


*** Optional Chassis Rails #3368 *** 


**Some photos display optional parts like tires, servos and other items, this is a kit, no tires, electronics**

The new CK25AR continues with many of the great features of the original CK25.

The CK25AR also features an easy and convenient way to mount the servo. This hanging servo mount is suspended symmetrically from standoffs on each side of the chassis. With the symmetrical mounting on 2 screws, no chassis tweak is induced on a major impact. This system makes servo mounting and maintenance a breeze by having front-to-back and side-to-side adjustment slots.​

Floating servo mount


The new CK25AR now features a hanging servo mount which accepts most every mid to mini servo. It can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the car and the side-to-side slots allow you to adjust center position. The front-to-back slots allow you to adjust the Ackerman effect and get the proper tie rod angle.


width=Side slots (below in light blue) allow for centered servo placement of most any mini servo brand.


width=Only CRC allows you to reverse mount the popular mini servos from Sanwa (SXR, SRG-HR). The 2 forward holes on the chassis (also denoted in light blue above) are for the small Sanwa servo. The added weight up front yields stability and great steering.

width=The reverse mounted Sanwa servo removes all the hanging servo mounting parts and makes the lightest 1/12th car in the business even lighter. Plus, with all the added room, the electronics can be mounted right down the center of the car. Again, only with CRC!



While all the other brands flirt with the $400 dollar street price, CRC continues to deliver World Championship performance for less than $250. With many championships under its belt in near stock trim; the ROAR Nationals, Cleveland US Indoor Championships, Las Vegas International Indoor Championships and the IFMAR World Championships, you can spend hundreds more on another brand, or get better for less with CRC. Don't overspend on others, the CRC line of World Championship winning products perform straight out of the box for much less. The car is more affordable, the parts are more affordable and the car comes race ready.

Don't spend more, win more with CRC!

width=At a $224.99 street price, the CRC CK25 is more than $100 dollars less expensive than some of the other brands on the market.

**Some photos display optional parts like tires, servos and other items, this is a kit, no tires, electronics**


Dedication and specialization in pan cars

At CRC, we don't build touring cars and we do not make offroad cars, we don't make nitro cars, we don't make truggies and we don't make buggies.... WE SPECIALIZE IN PAN CARS. We make the cars, we make the carpet they race on, we make the borders they race around and we make the tires they race on. AND we have been doing it for over 25 years. We specialize in pan cars and lead the way in design and engineering, right here in the U.S.A.. Most all the current generations of pan cars are revisions or tweaks to what we started on our CAD system and released to the public. When all the others were playing with T-bars, we were racing link cars, and now all the rest are using links as well. When all the rest played with batteries mounted off the centerline, we stayed with a center mounted pack, always with a transverse placement option, now all the others have their battery that way as well. When all the others were running on smaller rims, we made the High Roller wheel to the rules and now all the others are as well. Join the leaders at CRC.

Lighter, leaner, meaner

In this day and age of big batteries with a lot of runtime, the importance of the race-ready weight of the car is sometimes forgotten or dismissed. In stock-spec style racing, lightweight equals fast lap times as it takes energy to both accelerate and turn a heavier car. The CK25AR is the lightest competition 1/12th scale available weighing in under the weight minimum with competition electronics. As with all CRC designs, the CK25AR will get you at or under the IFMAR/ROAR weight minimums to give the performance advantage needed to win.

Over 25 years of experience

The new CK25AR from Calandra Racing Concepts is a razor sharp weapon ready to win at any level. The design is based from CRC's long heritage of championship winning road racing cars. Designed and built by the engineers and racing staff at CRC, the new CK25 is created by experienced racers; from the conception of the design, right through to production, packaging and support. Like all CRC products, the CK25AR is used weekly by local racers at CRC's test track. This insures that the parts have been proven by top professionals, weekly club racers and general hobbyists, covering all facets of the product; performance, ease of use and durability. The CRC platform is a proven winner at the biggest racing competitions, winning on EVERY stage; the IFMAR World Championships, the Japanese Nationals, the European Nationals, the ROAR Nationals, the IIC in Vegas, the AOC in Japan, and the Snowbirds in Florida. The product is supported throughout North America with CRC's extensive domestic distribution through Horizon Hobby Distributors, A-main, our vast dealer network and direct from the factory. Worldwide, CRC's international distribution and support centers in Europe and Asia insure that parts and support is easy and convenient to obtain.

Value - With a MSRP of $374.99, and a street price of $224.99 for the kit, the CK25AR is priced well below many of the competition on the market. Get your own personal championship winning machine and join the team at CRC! First batch shipping in November 2021. **Some photos display optional parts like tires, servos and other items, this is a kit, no tires**

New (11/21) replacement parts for the CK25AR #3216

Stock Parts specific to the CK25AR

  1. 3367 - Lower rear pod plate
  2. 33741 - Aluminum chassis mounted pivot piece
  3. 33742 - Aluminum pod mounted pivot piece
  4. 14091 - Center pivot ball for AR pivot


Option parts for the CK25AR #3216

Option Parts for the CK25AR

  1. 3368 - Chassis Side rails - adds stiffness and stability on extreme high bite  *** new 11/21 ***
  2. 3276 - Front End brace - adds stiffness and stability on extreme high bite
  3. 3279 - Front Roll center adjusters - (2mm parts can be used for extremely small front tires)
  4. 3317 - Titanium tie rods - Lighter and stronger than stock
  5. 3344 - Titanium front end upper balls - Lighter and stronger than stock
  6. 4116 - Titanium front axles - Lighter and stronger than stock
  7. 3401 - Soft Center Spring set
  8. 3403 - Firm Center Spring Set


1 review for 3216 – CRC CK25 AR – Competition 1/12th scale car kit

  1. Mike Godson

    If you are considering 1/12th scale you need this car! Total adjustability, strong parts support, and includes all pieces for multiple configurations. Don’t let the SAE hardware put you off. A 1/16th inch hex driver does 90% of assembly. I strongly recommend this kit.

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