Carpet Knife Generation-X

Team CRC’s New Carpet Knife Generation X

After years of testing and and multiple prototypes, Calandra Racing releases the new Generation X (Gen-X).

The Gen-X is the result of continuous refinement and product development. The new Gen-X is very narrow, lightweight and adjustable.

The CK Gen-X also features CRC’s new Pro-Strut molded front end and new X-pod rear end.

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All New, All Calandra Front End

The new front end is very adjustable and easy to build. The metal parts are pre-polished for super smooth movement. The camber and caster are both very easily adjusted.

The new front end is the only front end that uses pivot-ball technology.

The new Pro-Strut also features a wide range of ride-height adjustment. From bare rims to big tires, it is easy to reach legal ride height settings.


New Flush Mount Transponder

The Gen-X features the new flush mount personal transponder mounting hole. The low profile mount insures low weight in the car and great counting with the transponder being mere millimeters from the loop.

The Gen-X comes with new CRC Pro-Cut racing tires and CRC lightweight differential and new super-light diff rings.

Also on the car is CRC aluminum servo mounts, with pre-drilled holes for Futaba, KO, JR, Hitec and Sanwa.

Improved CRC Damper and Shock

Every detail has been reviewed and improved. Even our tubes, already the best in the business, were refined and improved.

The new “Torpedo tubes” feature end venting to insure smooth movement. Our new Dura-shock is standard on the Gen-X.

New CRC X-Pod

The X-pod is strong, rigid, straight and flex free. This is the inspiration for the name, Generation – X. With plenty of room for brushless motors and the extra wires they need, the new X-pod is the answer.

The “4-bolt” units found on other manufactures’ cars are actually step back in time and technology. Although TeamCRC has now introduced an X-pod it is truly an new, unique and inovative improvement. Long ago 1/12th manufactures used that 4 bolt top plate that blocked solder access. That style pod was dropped in favor of the lower, more rigid and more convenient 3 bolt pod. Now CRC takes that a step farther (not back in time) with the new X-Pod. Easy to solder, plenty of wire and motor room and THE Lowest CG of any pod in the business.

The X-pod is almost 10% lower than the other manufactures low “4-bolt” set up. Be a leader with CRC’s X-Pod

A closer look at the CRC Pro-Strut Front End

CRC’s new Pro-Strut front end features a lower arm with adjustable pivot ball tension. Just pop the ball in and tighten the clamp screw to get the perfect fit. As the pivot ball wears, you can further adjust the tension.

The new Pro-Strut has a dual aluminum axle and 1/8th scale style pivot ball camber adjustments. The pre-polished pivot upper ball is inserted through the steering block and the play is adjusted with the slotted plastic insert. The polished ball combined with user-adjustable play makes for a super smooth, slop-free upper suspension point.

The new “dual-axle” allows the user to flip between inline and trailing axle suspension formats. This is perfect for both oval and road racers.

As always, only the finest materials are used in the making of all CRC racing products. 100% carbon fiber, with no fillers, aerospace aluminum, and modern plastic composites.

The new lower arm with adjustable ball tension

The new CRC Pro-Strut front suspension uses a removable upper cap to facilitate easy caster adjustments. Just remove the screws, slide the shims where you want them and re-install the 2-56 button head screws. The upper cap “clamps” the hinge pin to keep it from moving. No more fishing the hinge pin through the block and the shim washers only to lose a bunch of shim washers during the process.
The Pro-Strut front end uses an adjustable thread-in king pin, virtually eliminating the need to shim the front springs. To adjust the pre-load, simply loosen the locking 4-40 set screw and adjust the king pin to the desired pre-load. The adjustable king pin allows the use of different length springs. Simple and effective.

No Tape Batteries with Worry-Free Security

The new battery retention system features a super-secure graphite “hook”. The o-ring battery retainer makes racing the new Gen-X very easy and convenient. No tape needed.

Pro drivers like Marc Rheinard, Hubert ‘Hupo’ Honigl and Mike Blackstock use the O-ring. For those addicted to battery tape, we have machined clearance for using battery strapping tape.

The new

A Refined 12th Scale Racer with Exceptional Fit and Finish

The new flush mount personal transponder mounting area puts the counting unit very close to the pick-up loop. Not only does the car count better, but it also moves the weight as low as possible

The CRC Carpet Knife Generation X is already a winner, finishing 1-2-3 at the 2006 ROAR Nationals. Also, at the 2006 Indoor Championships Warm-up race (Halloween Classic), the new Gen X won all three 1/12th classes.

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