CRC Oval Team is growing.

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CRC’s Oval Team just got a little tougher for the 2013 – 2014 Carpet Season!


Cory FasnachtMike OBrien


Pennsylvania based oval experts Cory Fasnacht (left) and Mike OBrien (right) have joined the CRC Team for the upcoming season and beyond. Both drivers have numerous big wins and TQ’s to their credit including a TQ and Win for Fasnacht and 2nd Place for OBrien at the 2013 New Year Dash Race in Oneida, NY which had 238 entries.

Team CRC is proud to have the PA Powerhouse Duo in their corner and is excited for everything these two guys bring to the table.

Be on the lookout for the Battle Axe 3 (10th scale) and Razor 3 (12th scale) in a winner’s circle near you soon!


Fasnacht and OBrien join an already impressive and growing list of Team CRC Oval Drivers including:

Tyler Brymer

Tony Buffa

Frank Calandra

Mark Calandra

Art Crescitelli

Carl Edwards

Mario Ficco

John Firsching

Tom Firsching

Bill Fraden

Wayne Gerber

Nate LaFluer

Ron Mick

Kenny Roberts

Frank Root

Brian Wynn

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