CRC Releases new trick parts for On-road + Oval Racing

Calandra Racing Concepts, Inc. has been a leader in on road pan car technology for years. From the unique design of their National Championships cars, to our winning tire line, CRC has been a mainstay in the pan car sector. Now, new from Team CRC, are parts for the Associated Strut front end.


#4275 – Machined Delrin Upper A-arm CRC


Made from super tough Delrin, this CNC machined A-arm is strong and precise. With CNC accuracy, the arm is made exactly to spec with no tolerance or plastic shrinkage issues associated with molded pieces. The hinge pin hole is reamed to perfect size and the arm has a factory “trick” look to it.


Retail – $14.99

Barcode 800734042754



#4277 – Machined Steering Block


Another part that needs improving in it’s molded condition is the steering block. Poor tolerances and fit cause the block to need cutting, grinding and reaming to successfully mount to the car. Team CRC solve that problem with the new machined steering block for the Strut front end.

Retail – $14.99

Barcode 800734042778


Aluminum Machined Upper A-Arm Mounts









CRC releases new aluminum upper A-arm mounts to replace the molded pieces from the new Associated front end. These new machined aluminum parts come in 0, 5 and 10 degree dynamic caster settings and are a direct replacement for the stock units. The CNC machined parts ensure an accurate fit and precise settings. The aluminum design is more rigid than the stock plastic pieces and are available in blue, red and silver.

Red is in stock now, blue and silver soon.

42648007340426480 degree Red Aluminum Mount$12.99
42658007340426555 degree Red Aluminum Mount$12.99
426680073404266210 degree Red Aluminum Mount$12.99
42678007340426790 degree Blue Aluminum Mount$12.99
42688007340426865 degree Blue Aluminum Mount$12.99
426980073404269310 degree Blue Aluminum Mount$12.99
42708007340427090 degree Silver Aluminum Mount$12.99
42718007340427165 degree Silver Aluminum Mount$12.99
427280073404272310 degree Silver Aluminum Mount$12.99


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