CRC takes 2 T.Q’s and wins at the 2013 Timezone Gran Prix

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Calandra Racing Concepts delivers

a another double 1-2 punch!

Double win at the 2013 Timezone GP

Ficco T.Q.’s and wins WGT! CRC WTF-1 T.Q’s again!

Bodine wins 1/12th!!


CRC drivers Brian Bodine (left) and Mario Ficco (right) dominated the TZGP. Brian won the 1/12th scale 17.5 division and took second to Mario in World GT. In addition to a T.Q. and win in World GT, the IIC Champ was T.Q. in the F-1 class. Great weekend for the CRC teammates.


The Timezone Grand Prix (TZGP) is held at the fantastic Timezone II, quite possibly the finest indoor carpet race facility in the country. Owner Mark Day has a great store and race track featuring a large 100 x 60 carpet track located in the scenic northwest.

Timezone II Facility


World GT

In the World GT class, Mario Ficco used some 4th round magic and a little help from his teammate Brian Bodine to capture the T.Q. in the tough World GT class. Mario uses the entire CRC race package in his CRC Gen-X10 SE car; CRC Rocket Fuel battery pack (3705), a Hobbywing ESC and CRC World GT tires. Ficco went on to win the A-main from his T.Q. pole position. Bodine took his Gen-X10 SE to a second place finish with Northwest Hobbies shop front man, Casey Vitale, 3rd in his CRC ride.


2013 Timezone GP World GT – CRC Podium Sweep

An all CRC podium in World GT. The lightest, the most
affordable, the winningest: The CRC Gen-X10 SE #1801

The World GT podium drivers. Not the cutest bunch, but they can
wheel a mean 1/10th road car!


1/12th scale 17.5

Northwest native Brian Bodine, owner of the popular product line Slapmaster Tools, ( driving his CRC Xti car from second position on the grid took a decisive win in the 1/12th 17.5 division. Motivated by Randy Grosse’s domination of the IIC in 1/12th 17.5 in October, Bodine built himself an inline Xti and much like Randy, took the win. Bodine used CRC Pro-Cut 1/12th tires (black front, yellow rear) and a Black Art R8C body to take the winning prize, an awesome Timezone wrist watch for the A-main winner.


2013 Timezone GP Champion 1/12th 17.5

A beautiful time piece at Timezone II for the A-main winner, Brian
Bodine. A great result for one of the nicest racers you will find in
the pits at any R/C race.

Bodine’s inline Xti with the ESC in the back. Lightweight, short
wires, low polar moment for quick and nimble cornering. No other
chassis puts the weight closer to the centerline than the CRC Xti.


Formula 1

Another T.Q. for the CRC WTF-1!

Denver driver Mario Ficco, winner of the F-1 class at the IIC, rolled into Timezone II in Washington state with his new pre-production WTF-1. Mario dominated qualifying, winning every round he finished and taking T.Q. in the process.


Timezone T.Q.

CRC’s new WTF-1 takes another Top Qulifying result. Mario
used the CRC 3436 2s Shorty pack and a Hobbywing Just Stock
from CRC #7014.



A big credit to both Bodine and Ficco nailing down solid results at 2 major events already this season. Ficco winning F1 and Bodine qualifying a close second in World GT at the IIC in Vegas. A month later in Washington at Timezone, Bodine with a big win in 12th scale with Mario taking 2 T.Q.’s and a World GT win. Not bad for a couple busy men with a lot of responsibilities and commitments and way too many candles on their birthday cake.


Dynamic duo – Bodine and Ficco


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