CRC’s WTF-1 car just keeps winning!

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Calandra Racing Concepts delivers

a another double 1-2 punch!

The CRC WTF-1 Formula 1 car wins again!

CRC Japan driver Hayato Ishioka and CRC USA driver Brian Wynn

qualify and finish 1-2 at the Snowbirds.


Japanese CRC driver Hayato Ishioka and Brian Wynn dominated the 2014 Snowbirds in Orlando using CRC’s new WTF-1 Formula 1 car.


Every year, the Snowbird Nationals provides a record number of entries as well as incredibly tough competition. The 2014 version of the Snowbirds again attracted drivers all over the World. This year, our colleague from Japan Kimihiko Yano travelled to the Snowbirds with his strong Team CRC Japan team. In addition, the CRC/Black Art team from Europe was on hand. Add team drivers from China, Japan, UK, Germany, Canada and France and the competition was Worlds level.

CRC’s new WTF-1 car dominated the Formula 1 class taking a strong 1-2 finish. In the hands of Japanese and American drivers, every CRC WTF-1 car entered in the Snowbirds made the A-main qualifying 1-2-4-5. Hayato and Brian qualified and finished 1-2! Another great win for the WTF-1.



Snowbirds A-main grid. CRC WTF-1 sitting 1-2,
Ishioka and Wynn


Look into the CRC Formula 1 car, the WTF-1.


CRC’s new WTF-1
Hayato’s winning car in the foreground with Brian Wynn’s 2nd
place car in the background. Using the UF1 rules, the minimum
weight of the car must be 1050 grams. Hayato needed 80 grams
of lead to make weight. These cars are pre-production kits with
the stock car being released very soon.

All the CRC WTF-1 cars entered qualified in the top 5. All used
the CRC 3736 2s Shorty Pack to power their way to the front.

Here is a close-up of the rear of Hayato’s Trinity/Revtech powered
WTF-1. Notice the carbon fiber diff axle and slider rear pod, all
stock on the CRC WTF-1. The rear differential is by far the
smoothest, most durable diff in Formula 1 racing.
In front, both drivers chose the optional aluminum upper A-arm
mount. Different optional A-arms and lower carbon fiber plates
mounts allow a range of 180 to 200 mm fwidth cars. Delivers
stock with UF1 190 mm settings. Accepts mini servos like the
JR 3650, Spektrum 5040, Futaba 9650 in the “traditional” standup
F1 position. The Sanwa/Airtronics mini fits in the laydown position
as well.


The 2014 Snowbirds was again a fantastic event. With over 700 entries on the oval and road course, the race continues to be a success. With so many racers, days are long and nights are short, as road course practice started at 4AM with Race #1 starting at 6 AM. The CRC team had a successful event with tires, cars and batteries in every A-main. Thanks and congratulations to all the CRC customers and the Snowbirds race management team. See you in 2015!


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