New car kits from Calandra Racing Concepts – October 2013

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New World GT car from CRC

The Gen-X 10 “SE”

“Slider Edition”

Skinny Edition?

Sexy Edition?

The new Gen-X 10 SE. Super light, very narrow and nimble. Now complete with CRC’s Slider Rear Pod. Infinite, fast, EZ ride height adjustments. Multiple inline battery positions with both standard and reversed servo positions.


Calandra Racing Concepts “Gen-X 10” line has dominated World GT racing since it’s inception in 2007. Winning the first big race in Vegas in September 2007, the Gen-X 10 lineage of cars has been practically unbeatable. Starting with the revolutionary Generation X-10 in 2007 and then the Gen-X 10LE in 2010 and now onto the Gen-X 10 SE in 2013. The new “SE” from CRC refines all the winning design cues from the LE. The new SE is lighter, more narrow and adjustable. The new SE features CRC “Slider” Rear Pod plates for step less, easy ride height adjustment. The SE features multiple battery positions with CRC’s battery “locators” and tape slots for custom placement of the 1s pack. For you 2s racers, the SE accommodates ROAR and IFMAR legal 2s packs by simply raising the top deck.

Also new for the 2013-14 season, CRC is using new quadaxial, high-modulus (QHM) carbon fiber in all our cars. This new carbon is extremely, strong, stiff and yet very tough, perfect for R/C car components. Speaking of carbon components, the SE uses a new one-piece cross brace for better strength and more consistent performance.

Gen-X 10SE Closeups

CRC Encore Shock, dual tubes, adjustable rear body mounts.

The slickest pod in the business, CRC Slider Rear Pod.

Ready for the CRC diffuser, a simple bolt on. We all love bolt-ons!

Front reversed and standard servo mounting and CRC’s proven Pro-Strut front suspension.


The new Gen-X 10 SE is poised to take over that winning tradition in the World GT class. The #1801 SE full kit holds the line with lowest retail price in class. Just add tires, electronics and a body and you are ready to hit the track. CRC parts and cars are easily available at all fine hobby shops nationally distributed to hobby stores through Horizon Hobby Distributors. Look for CRC products internationally through our European, UK and Asian distributors.


#1801 – Gen-X 10SE – World GT car

Retail $349.99

Street Price – $224.99

UPC – 800734018018

To order CLICK



The Xti gets an “Altered Ego”

Altered Ego Full Car kit #3212

The new “Altered Ego” chassis full car kit is now available. In addition to front/rear weight bias alterations, the car is a bit shorter. Also, the transverse link mounts are included with the kit, with options for running inline.

The CRC Xti 1:12th car has been a huge success! The popular Xti has won the 2012 IIC in Las Vegas, the 2012 Halloween Classic and the 2012 U.S. Indoor Championships in Ohio. In addition, the car went 1-2 at the ROAR Nationals in Horsham, PA. The stock Xti has proven very quick with exceptional speed in the corners and lightning transitions through the chicanes. Some have run the Xti inline, some have run it transverse. CRC has always had the transverse placement as part of the design, but added inline to the Xti. The inline version of the Xti made for an incredible quick car in the corners.

However, in some conditions, the nimble aggressive little monster maybe a bit too “busy” for some, especially modified racing on tracks with low or moderate grip. We tweaked (altered) some of the geometry to provide a more stable version of the Xti calling it the “Altered Ego”. The Altered Ego has some geometry “alterations” to mellow the car, making it a bit more stable and providing a more locked feeling to the rear end. In the past, this was only available as a conversion to the Xti. Now the Altered Ego Xti is available as a full kit in the transverse configuration, right out of box. Already a UK National and European National champion, the Altered Ego kit is available now and ready to win.

All the awesome features of the standard Xti; great price point, CRC Slider pods and both standard or reverse servo positions. Like all the products coming out of the CRC factory, the Altered Ego features our new quadaxial, high modulus (QHM) carbon fiber throughout. Stronger, flatter and tougher… an excellent material to build champions from.

#3212 – Altered Ego Xti – Full Kit

Retail $299.99

Street Price – $199.99

UPC – 800734032120

To order – CLICK

Altered Ego parts for the Xti


Part #3226 – Complete Altered Ego conversion kit for Xti
Retail $69.99
UPC: 800734032267

Part #3223 – Altered Ego Chassis Only
Retail $49.99
UPC: 800734032236

Part #3224 – Altered Ego Bottom Plate
Retail $19.99
UPC: 800734032243

Part #3225 – Altered Ego Rear Top Plate
Retail $13.99
UPC: 800734032250


With the Altered Ego Xti, the car can be run inline or transverse, however, the geometry alterations do make for a tight fit between the 1s pack and the reversed servo in the inline configuration. Only the small sized speedos and receivers make this possible. In the transverse (kit) position, the car has a ton of room to mount electronics and lots of options to move the battery forward and back.


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