Product Releases from CRC – New Xti goodies!

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New goodies from CRC

Parts and accessories for the Xti

#4259 – Rear ride gauge for the Xti (and others). Wide gauge makes it very easy to use the super cool CRC Slider pods.

Wow! The new CRC Xti 1:12th car has been a huge success! We thank all of you for supporting the car. We have shipped a lot of orders and we still have not caught up. The popular Xti has just won the 2012 IIC in Las Vegas as well as setting the fastest lap in the modified A main. This month, we have a few new products that will make your Xti experience more convenient and effective. In addition to these new parts shown, we have uploaded all the parts and spares for the Xti to the site and they are available.


#4259-Aluminum Ride Height Gauge-for CRC Slider Pods

The 4259 ride gauge showing both sides. The stepped side with .5 mm levels and the angled non-stepped sided for more precise adjustments.

Part #4259 – Wide ride height gauge

Retail $19.99

UPC: 800734042596


3213 – Xti Upgrade kit – Gen-X, XL, Xi to the new Xti

After many requests, we have released an Xti conversion for all of you looking to upgrade your Gen-X, XL and Xi to the new Xti. This conversion really has a LOT of parts, you will find yourself with extra pieces as we simply took sub-assemblies from the Xti kit and made this conversion. So in this upgrade kit, you get new hardware, springs and other items that will not only upgrade your older car, but will refresh it with many new parts.

Remember, to convert an original Gen-X from 2006, you will have needed to upgrade to a brushless setup which included the #4227 diff hub.

Part #3213 – Xti conversion from Gen-X, XL, Xi

Retail $174.99

Street $124.99

UPC: 800734032137



#3279 – Roll Center Kit for CRC Front Ends

New 3279 roll center adjusters allow you to raise the upper arm taking away camber gain. Less camber gain will calm an aggressive front end on a high bite track. This is particularly useful on the Xti as it is difficult to use the long upper arm conversion. The highlight shows the upper A arm mount on top of the roll center spacer.
2 mm and 2.5 mm arm spacers and hardware. The thicker the spacer, the less camber gain (flatter upper arm). This will make your car more “round” and smooth in the corners of a high bite track. For the most front end grip on low traction, leave the stock arrangement.

Part #3279 – Graphite Roll Center Adjuster

Retail $14.99

UPC: 800734032793



#4260 – Dual adjusting precision front ride shims – Xti

Made from precision cut shim stock, CRC’s Xti ride height adjusters come in .020″ and .030″ thicknesses. Two different sets of 2 different thickness are included – 1 set to shim up the front end plate, and 1 set to shim up the lower arm off the front end plate.

Part #4260 – Wide ride height gauge

Retail $14.99

UPC: 800734042600

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