The new Formula 1 car from CRC – The WTF-1

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WTF-1 – The new Formula 1 kit from

Calandra Racing Concepts.

2013 IIC Vegas Champ and 2014 Snowbirds Champ

The new WTF-1 Formula 1 race car from CRC. Race proven, lightweight and full of performance features not found on other kits.

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-champion line of 1/12th and 1/10th road cars, the new WTF-1 from CRC elevates F-1 racing to the next level offering new and exciting features. The WTF-1 has a a bunch of exciting features; CRC’s infinitely adjustable Slider Rear Pod, dual damper tube system and a full ball bearing graphite Pro-diff. The hit list continues on the WTF-1 with our adjustable front end; The F-1 Pro-Strut. The roll center, ride height, camber, caster, preload, droop and spring rate are all adjustable. Add a best-in-class rear damper, the CRC Encore shock.


The WTF-1 rear suspension

The lightest, leanest, meanest F-1 machine in the world. Functionality, symmetry, and superior design.The dual damper tube arrangement allows the greatest tuning range. The Slider Pod makes ride height adjustments a breeze.
The WTF-1 features CRC’s rear link suspension with side tweak springs. Pioneered by CRC since the early 1990’s, now most all pan cars have copied the design.



The front end

The WTF-1 uses CRC’s proven pivot-ball suspension. Used for years on the 1/12th and 1/10th cars, the pivot ball suspension allows easy castor, camber and roll center changes. The steering block is right off our 1/12th car and with CRC’s national distribution, parts and accessories are easy to find.

The WTF-1 car accepts mini servos in the standup position shown here. Easy to mount and maintain. Also, a full 2s pack fits as well as adjustable positioning options for the 2s shorty pack.
The WTF-1 also accepts the small Sanwa servo laying down for even lower center of gravity. (shown above)

High quality CNC machined bronze pivot balls for smooth suspension movement. The 5 mm front axle is strong and accepts all the popular F-1 wheels and bearings.


Superior by design.

The WTF-1 is designed for performance from the ground up. Low CG, lightweight, camber, caster, roll center, ride height, spring + damping rate are all adjustment tools designed into the car. Unique to the WTF-1 is a full ball bearing diff with a graphite rear axle for the lowest possible spinning weight. Most other available F-1 kits use heavy steel diff axles with only a minimum of bearings, many times putting the diff gear and the diff hub on bushings not bearings. The WTF-1 diff is full bearing. Also on the axle, a super strong, double clamping left rear wheel hub. This allows a wide range of rear widths with no fear of losing a hub or damaging the axle with a set screw. The car is lighter, the rotating rear carbon axle is much lighter than the steel axle . This adds up to a massive on-tack performance advantage.

The CRC F-1 machine allows a great range of ride height adjustability. Unlike other models in F-1 racing, the front and rear ride height on the WTF-1 can be adjusted for the different rule packages, different tire sizes and traction levels.

In addition to ride height, the front and rear wheel width is very adjustable. The car has a great deal of flexibility in the front and rear widths, easily meeting the popular 190 mm width rule.


WTF-1 Rear Diff – Best in class

The diff is complete with a CRC diff gear; 16 smaller diff balls, 4 more than competitors. The 16 ball diff is smoother than others with 12 balls and weighs less! The gear is on a bearing and the diff hub spins on 2 bearings.


Lighter, leaner, meaner

A properly appointed WTF-1 is well under the weight minimum. With many other brands tipping the scales in tech inspection at over 100 grams heavier than the weight minimum, the CRC WTF-1 had a has a huge advantage. This with a 3 mm pure carbon fiber chassis, bottom plate, top plate and tweak plate. Yes, a full 3 mm of quad axial carbon fiber for super high strength, low center of gravity (CG) and rigidity. That thick, strong 3 mm carbon fiber chassis and bottom plate near the ground lowers the CG of the WTF-1. The well designed, lightweight components keep the overall weight very low. Result – lights out for the competition.


Above are the 1-2 finishers at the Snowbirds, Hayato (near) and Wynn (back). Hayato’s WTF-1 has 80 grams of lead ballast attached to meet the weight rule.
Adjustable rear wing height. Accepts most Tamiya based F-1 front and rear wings.

Competition diffused.

Ready for the optional CRC diffuser for the proper F1 look and performance.



An established winner.

The new WTF-1 DOMINATED all the large races during last indoor season. At the debut event, the 2013 IIC in Las Vegas, with only 3 cars entered, the WTF-1 qualified 1-3-4 and finished 1-2. The next big race on the schedule, the 2014 Snowbird Nationals, the WTF-1 AGAIN finished 1-2. Not a lucky run or good main, Top Qualifier all 4 rounds and win at both events. Total dominance.

Ishioka and Wynn finish 1-2 at the 2014 Snowbirds
Another 1-2 for the CRC WTF-1! Brian Wynn and Wayne Gerber at the Halloween Classic!
Mario Ficco wins the 2013 IIC with Brian Wynn in second, more domination from the WTF-1!

The bottom line; the new WTF-1 from Calandra Racing Concepts is a fantastic machine for racing or just having fun. The design is based from CRC’s long heritage of race winning road racing cars. Designed and built by the engineers and racing staff at CRC, your new WTF-1 is handled by experienced racers from the conception of the design right through to production, packaging and support. Like all CRC products, the WTF-1 is used weekly by local racers at CRC’s test track. This insures that the parts have been proven by top professionals, weekly club racers and general hobbyists, covering all facets of the product; performance, ease of use and durability. The WTF-1 is a proven winner on the biggest racing stages, taking major race wins in it’s first 2 outings. The product is supported throughout North America with CRC’s extensive domestic distribution through Horizon Hobby Distributors, our vast dealer network and direct from the factory. Worldwide, CRC’s international distribution and support centers in Europe and Asia insure that parts and support is easy and convenient to obtain.

Value – With a MSRP of $349.99, and a street price of $249.99 for the kit, the WTF-1 is priced well below many of competition on the market. Check out the WTF-1 and join the winning team at CRC! First batch shipping before September 1, 2014.


CRC WTF-1 1/10th Formula 1 kit w/ bearings, Slider Pods, Pro-diff, Encore shock, complete.
Suggested retail $349.99
Street price $249.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015000

Order the WTF-1 here

Here is a brief interview of Frank Calandra designer of the WTF-1 after the intial race in Vegas.


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