Triple T.Q. at the 10th Annual International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas

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Team CRC – Triple T.Q. in Las Vegas at the IIC!

** CRC WTF-1 sits 1-2 on the grid**

** CRC Gen-X10 SE World GT car qualifies 1-3-4-5**


The CRC T.Q. crew. Maryland driver Mike Herald and NY native Brian Wynn were responsible for 50% of the pole positions in the pan car classes. Herald took his CRC XTI to the point in 1:12th stock. Wynn took his CRC WTF-1 Formula-1 car to the T.Q. position for the second straight year. Brian also was T.Q. in the World GT class.


The International Indoor Champs in Las Vegas celebrated the 10th annual event in 2014. This year, 400 plus entries took to the new CRC Fasttrak racing carpet with 6 different pan car classes being offered. A new layout and a new track size greeted the racers for 2014.

In practice, the heats were timed for 3 consecutive fast laps to set the heat board to ensure that the drivers were grouped together in equal speeds. After the seeding rounds, CRC drivers took 4 top seeds of the 6 classes offered.

1/12th Stock

In qualifying, top seed Mike Herald and 3rd seed Andrew Knapp won 3 out of 4 rounds of qualifying. Both drivers used the CRC Xti Altered Ego car with CRC Pro Cut tires. With Herald, Knapp and Wiita at the wheel, CRC cars qualified 1-3-4 . In addition to setting fast time in round #1, Mike Herald took the Top Qualifying position with an even faster run in round #4. CRC Teammate Andrew Knapp took round #3. In summary, CRC dominated the 1/12th stock class; Top seed, T.Q. with 3 drivers qualified in the top 4.

World GT

Top seed and top qualifier Brian Wynn won 3 out of 4 rounds with his stock CRC Gen-X10 SE. Brian also used the super fast CRC #3705 “Rocket Fuel” 1s battery pack and and Black Art GT86 World GT body. The Gen-X10 SE took 4 of the top 5 qualifying positions with John Wiita (3rd), Brian Bodine (4th) and Mario Ficco (5th) joining Wynn in the top 5.

Brian used the Black Art GT86 body (4180), CRC Rocket Fuel 1s lipo pack (3705) and the Gen-X10 SE (1801) chassis to take the Top Qualifying position and win 3 out of 4 rounds of qualifying.


Formula 1


The #1 and #2 F1 drivers, Mario Ficco (2) and Brian Wynn (T.Q) show off the CRC WTF-1 (1500) at the Meet-n-Greet gathering.


With the CRC WTF-1 now being available to the public, many drivers are enjoying new success with the lightweight F1 rocket from CRC. At the IIC, the CRC WTF-1 was the dominant chassis in Formula 1 taking 1-2 on the grid. With defending champ Mario Ficco and 2013 T.Q. Brian Wynn winning every seeding round and every qualifying round. Again in 2014, Wynn took the Top Qualifying honors with a killer run in round #4 with defending champ Ficco setting the hot lap of the weekend in F1 in Round #4.


Defending Champ Mario Ficco was quickest all week in F1. Just a couple minor mishaps in the A-main kept Ficco from repeating.


The WTF-1 set the fast lap for every round and the main. Joining Wynn and Ficco in the A-main was new WTF-1 owners Mark Day and Fabio Evangelista. With Fabio qualified 4th and the Timezone Raceway owner, Mark Day in 7th, a total of 4 WTF-1 cars were qualified in the A-main. In summary, there were 7 rounds of timed running at the IIC for F1, the CRC WTF-1 in the hands of Wynn and Ficco won 6 of them and set fast time in all 7 rounds.


Up next, the Halloween Classic in Cleveland.

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