1/12th Courage C60 Evo 3 LMP body

1/12th Courage C60 Evo 3 LMP body .

CRC is proud to announce the release of our new 1/12th Courage C60 Evo 3 LMP body (p/n 4160). This marks CRC’s first entry into the world of lexan body molding. The body is the result of the CRC boys’ love for Formula 1 and LeMans style race cars, and the fact that there is just not enough open cockpit style bodies available for 12th scale. Well, we’re trying to change that. The open cockpit design of the C60 Evo is perfect for 12th scale as it keeps the CG down and creates less wind resistance than closed or “bubble” type cockpits.

The aggressive styling of the front end helps the car to steer very well, while the rear deck and side dam area are shaped just right to keep it planted on the track. The C60 Evo is molded out of lightweight .020 lexan to keep the weight down. It is already approved by EFRA & IFMAR, and should be approved by ROAR soon.

We are very pleased with the performance of the body so far, and we are proud to have this be the body that introduces us to the racers as the hobby’s newest body maker. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think. For questions, comments, feedback, etc., please visit the Team CRC forum at www.teamcrc.com

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