Art Crescitelli and CRC wins the ROAR Region 12 Championship

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dominant in California

Art Crescitelli wins 1/12th + World GT

CRC driver Bill Deras joins Art on the podium!



California CRC driver Art Crescitelli (blue cars) took the win in 1:12th and World GT with his CRC Xti and Gen-X10SE. Teammate
Bill Deras took his #76 to a 3rd place joining Art on the podium. In World GT, the Black Art GT86 (#4180) body is on a crusade, winning races coast to coast.



1/12th Scale

T.Q. Raceway in Chino, CA was the host of the 2014 ROAR Region 12 Championship held in April 2014. T.Q. Raceway is a great facility offering carpet road racing to the racers on the west coast. A good field of racers turned out in F1, 1/12th, World GT and Touring.

In 1/12th scale, former Connecticut native, Art Crescitelli, took his CRC Xti to an A-main win. Art used CRC tires and a Black Art body in addition to his CRC chassis. Art set fastest lap of the and took the win over a talented field.


We believe Art used CRC Chrome front tires and yellow rears.
The black socks are a west coast thing. We are not quite sure
why he used a brown right shoe and a black left. Team secrets.


In World GT action, it was Crescitelli again who dominated the field. Using his CRC Gen-X 10SE with the BRAND NEW Black Art GT86 body, Art took the A-main in dominating fashion. Art explained the GT86 was a couple tenths faster than any other body he tried allowing him to set the only lap in the 9 second range. CRC driver Bill Deras took a 3rd place with his CRC SE car and Black Art body, with the legendary Steve Ashby, in second. A note about the 2nd place driver; Steve Ashby. Steve is a seasoned veteran that has many laps and many years experience racing RC cars. With his vast experience, Ashby probably forgot more than many people know about pan car racing. However, reports from the race said he also forgot where he put his car keys and his eye glasses, but that’s another story.

Congrats to T.Q. Raceway and all the racers for a great event.


World GT Podium – Art in first (bottom), Steve Ashby second
(upper left) and Bill Deras 3rd (upper right)


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