Spring 2014 -New Products from CRC

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New products from Team CRC

** New “Rocket Fuel 2s Saddle Packs! ***

** New 1/12th Bodies from Black Art **

** New “Big Mama” 71 – 80 tooth Gold Standard Pinions “”

** New forward shock upper plate for Xti, Altered Ego **


New Rocket Fuel battery packs from Calandra Racing. Low internal resistance for bottom end punch, coupled with high voltage for screaming top speed.


CRC’s new saddle packs have the power AND capacity to take your saddle pack ready machine to a victory. The choice of top racers like Billy Fischer, Dave Henry, Rick Redmin and the Sousa brothers of Derek and Mark. CRC packs have won the major offroad races The Dirt Challenge and Tilsonburg Canadian Indoor Challenge. Complete with connector, jumper and balance lead. In stock!


Part #3711
6000/65c Rocket Fuel 2s Saddle Pack 7.4V
Retail $134.99
Street Price $89.99
UPC: 800734037118



New from CRC and Black Art, two new competition 1/12th bodies. On the left, the #4171 Lola B10 (BA006). On the right and in the back, the #4272 Toyota TS030 (BA008).


Fresh from winning the 2014 Euro Champs, now in stock and available from CRC is the new Black Art Toyota TS030 “spine tingler” high downforce body. The body has increased downforce for high speed tracks. The Toyota TS030 features a center spine for added stability. In it’s first major outing, the #4172 TS030 took home the 2014 European Championship in Italy.

The other new shell; the LOLA B10 is a slightly more “free” body featuring a bit less downforce for slower tracks, stock racing and circuits with more turns. Both are pulled in genuine GE .5mm (.0197) Lexan.

Other new products for Spring 2014


New Carbon Fiber TLR 22 Buggy Front tower
New! The #5222 4mm front carbon fiber tower. Super strong QHM (quadaxial high-modulus) carbon fiber. No fillers nor fiberglass, this tower will take abuse and keep delivering performance. Fits the 22B , 1.0 + 2.0.

Part #5222 – 4mm Carbon Fiber Tower for TLR 22b
Retail $19.99
UPC: 800734052227

#3263 – Dual Extended Upper plate

The #3263 new dual (fits altered ego and standard) extended upper plate, extends the upper rear shock mount to utilize the matching longer front shock positions in the chassis, .250 and .5″ extended. Fits all road cars with the Slider rear pods. Xti, Altered Ego,SE. 2.5 mm QHM material.

Part #3263 – Dual Extended Upper Plate
Retail $12.99
UPC: 800734032632


Part #4171 – Lola B10 1/12th body
Retail $19.99
UPC: 800734041719

Part #4172 – Toyota TS030 1/12th body
Retail $19.99
UPC: 800734041726


Gear it up, with “Big Mama” pinions
71 – 80 tooth

Shown with a 72 spur and a penny for size comparison. Gear it up! $7.99 msrp


CRC adds to the best 64 pitch pinions in the industry by adding the 71 – 80 tooth range to the standard 20 – 70 tooth Gold Standard pinion line. Hard anodiozed, lightweight and super true, the new Big Mama’s were requested by the oval community and now in stock at CRC.


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