CRC brings Hobbywing to North America

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Calandra Racing Concepts brings

to North America

#7002-The 1s special, for 1:12th, WGT + Oval#7004 – 1/8th XERUN – 4-6s, 1/8th Buggy master

#7003 – 2-3s XERUN for 1:10th On + Offroad#7015 Short Course Pro-2-4s for 2+4wd SC + 1/8

Now available from Calandra Racing Concepts is the fine line of high performance, low cost electronics from the leading speed control manufacturer in Asia, Hobbywing. The new line of Hobbywing XERUN speed controls feature all the high performance adjustments needed to win in the highly competitive “spec” racing classes that are popular in North America. XERUN controllers accept Hobbywing’s Supercharged software. This software has all the tools needed to make your on or offroad car a winner.

Hobbywing, power to perform, at an incredible low price…
At the 2011 U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, the Hobbywing product set the top 2 fastest times in 17.5 open 1:12th scale with CRC drivers Frank Calandra and Brian Wynn turning the ONLY 47 lap runs in 17.5 open ESC. Earlier at the 2011 IIC in Las Vegas, CRC/Hobbywing drivers qualified in the top of the Open ESC 1:12th 13.5 and 10.5 World GT divisions. The XERUN ESC are stable, fast and reliable and since CRC is all about racing and winning, the XERUN line will be the first to be arriving to the warehouse with the Sport EZRUN line to follow shortly.


The 7002 installed in a CRC Gen-Xi. No RX pack or external booster needed! Result: Fastest lap and fastest 8 minute run in 17.5 open speedo in Cleveland.

The #7002 installed in a CRC Gen-X 10LE for open ESC 13.5. This car + controller combo was top 5 in both Vegas and Cleveland!

Current adjustable features on the XERUN Supercharged Software;

1Running modeFor/Brk or For/Rev/Brk or For/Rev
2Drag Brag0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, Custom
3Voltage Cutoff2.6, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4, Custom v/cell
4Punch Level1 – 9
5Brake Force12.5, 25, 37.5,0,62.5, 75, 87.5, 100 %
6Reverse Force25, 50, 75, 100%
7Initial Brake20, 40, Drag Brake level
8Neutral Band6 (narrow), 9, 12
9Boost Timing0 – 64 (total timing 64, boost + turbo)
10Turbo Ramp3, 6, 12, 18, 24, Fastest (24=24 degrees/.1 second)
11Overheat ProtectionOn/off
12Turbo Timing0 – 24 (total timing 64, boost + turbo)
13Start RPMPoint where Boost timing begins
14Turbo Delayoff, .1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8 seconds delay, throttle held 100%
15Boost Timing Ramp50 – 750 in 50 RPM steps. (RPM gain initiates 1 degree of boost added)


Also, all XERUN electronic speed controls (ESC) are ROAR legal with available “no timing” blinky software that can be changed from full timing mode to blinky, no timing. The Juststock ESC from Hobbywing is a budget priced ESC “locked” in the no timing mode and is great for spec racing without worry of cheating. The Xtreme Stock is another great price ESC that allows the 2s racer to change firmware from full blown timing to “Blinky” no timing ROAR legal modes.

Put the laptop away….
The XERUN ESC can be track-tuned with the small #7000 program box, just 3.5 x 2.1 x .75″ in size, fits in the palm of your hand. No clumsy laptop + wires cluttering up your pit area. All the features listed above can be altered with this small program box. This small box also acts as the interface between the laptop and the ESC, allowing the user to install “Blinky” software or change to “Supercharged” software. A laptop is needed to change platforms (firmware), but not adjust within the firmware, the small box needed. If you are heading to an Open ESC race, put the latest Supercharged software on the controller before your departure and leave the laptop home.

CRC brings the racing input…
Calandra Racing Concepts will be on the road racing the controllers on the largest stage of racing. Las Vegas IIC, Snowbirds, and ROAR Nationals in road, oval and offroad racing. Our team will be out on the road testing and pushing the units to the limit in 1:12, 1:10 and 1/8th scale racing. look for speedo control setups and tips here on the site.

Hobbywing EZRUN series, reliable, fast sport controllers and motors…
The Sport EZRUN line features sensorless speed controls and motors for play, fun and bashing at a great value. From 1:18th scale through 1/8th scale, the EXRUN sensorless line has a speed control and motor for every application. Look for the EZRUN line in the CRC system soon.

Distributors and Dealers welcome…
In the past, Hobbywing product was difficult to aquire for brick and mortar hobby shops. Calandra Racing Concepts understands the needs of a hobby retailer (we have our own hobby store with carpet and offroad tracks!) and we have a solution with dealer pricing and availability. Just e-mail or call.

XERUN product shipping mid-December 2011.


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