New Product Releases from CRC – December 2011

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New Product Releases

December 2011



#3703 – New 1s Shorty Pack

CRC’s new 1s “Shorty”, high performance racing cell
69 x 47 x 18.5 mm – ROAR Legal


CRC’s new battery for 1s racing, the 1s Shorty. This new pack is built for the CRC Gen-Xi. Plenty of runtime and power for spec racing in 17.5 and 13.5 turn classes. Turns your 1:12th car into a super lightweight rocket. Also, great for 4 minute oval racing and the small size allows multiple battery positions. Also the extra room allows for added left-side electronics placement. Dimensions are 69 x 47 x 18.5 mm. ROAR legal. Not effected by ROAR’s new short battery rule.

Retail – $84.99

MAP – $69.99

UPC – 800734037033

#4169 – Black Market 12th body from Black Art

Black Art’s New BA005 – Black Market 1:12 Body
ROAR Legal in 2012


Black Art BA005 – The ‘Black Market’ Body – unofficially called the Mohawk 12 because of the Mohawk like rib down the center. This body is great for higher speed 1:12th racing. Stable with precise steering. An excellent choice when a smooth cornering body is needed. More downforce than the R8C but a little less steering. Pulled in .020″ genuine Lexan. Lightweight and strong.

Shipping in mid/late December 2011

Retail – $19.99

UPC – 800734041696


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