CRC defends the World GT title at the 2013 Snowbrds

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Calandra Racing Concepts double T.Q.s and wins in Orlando!

CRC’s Brian Wynn takes the win in World GT at the 2013 Snowbird Nationals.

CRC Gen-X 10LE wins back-to-back titles

Brian Wynn enjoying the company of his new friends and the World GT Championship at the 2013 Snowbirds. Brian used the CRC Gen-X10 LE (#1712) and CRC’s new Slider Pod conversion on the LE (#1768).


At the 2013 Snowbird Nationals, the World GT class was well attended with a large number of competitors and teams entering the event. Going into the final round, CRC’s own Brian Wynn would find himself at the bottom of the A-main and needing a good run in the final round to stay in the show. In that final round, a good run would be an underrstatement as Wynn took his very stock Gen-X 10LE to the top of the A-main with a T.Q. run, from zero to hero in just 5 minutes. Brian was joined in the A-main by early T.Q. Frank Calandra, last years defending champ, Max Kuenning and Timezone Champ Randy Grosse, all with the dominant World GT car from CRC, the #1712 Gen-X10 LE. In the A-main, 4 out of 10 cars were CRC machines with Brian winning and Max 3rd.

Brian took the lead early and never looked back with smooth lines and great power from the CRC Rocket Fuel single cell lipo. Brian and Frank also used the new 1768 “Slider Conversion” that replaces the standard insert rear bulkheads with CRC’s new Slider Pods. No special crazy setups or parts on Brians car, just the standard dominant Gen-X 10 LE.


2013 Snowbirds Champion

The MOST winning World GT car in history, the CRC Gen-X10.
Affordable, fast, easy to set up and well supported. The CRC WGT
car just keeps winning, now 2012 + 2013 Snowbird Champ! Shown
here is Brian’s T.Q.and winning car with the new #1768 Slider Pod


Slider Pod Conversion for Gen-X 12 + 10

The new Slider Pod conversion for the Gen-X series of cars fits
both 12th and 10th cars eliminating the need for bulkheads with
ride height inserts. Complete with all the items needed for the
conversion; upper, lower, X plate; motor bulkheads and spacers.



T.Q Drivers

CRC drivers Brian Wynn and John Wiita take the World GT
and 12th scale 17.5 Top Qualifying positions with their CRC


1:12th 17.5

In 1:12 action, Minnesota racer John Wiita was took his CRC ride to Top Qualifying position with Frank Calandra’s stock Xti (stock geometry, not Altered Ego) sharing the front row. Both John and Frank used the CRC Pro Cut tires and the awesome Black Art body, the R8C. Joining John and Frank in the A-main was Randy Grosse, 1st round T.Q. Dave Ehrlich and Tony Block, an impressive 50% of the field!

2013 Snowbirds Top Qualifier

John Wiita’s T.Q. CRC ride complete with CRC Pro Cut tires and
a #4167 Black Art R8C body.

1:12th 13.5

In the 13.5 class, Andrew Knapp and Jason Schreffler finished 2nd and 3rd in the A-main. Both drivers used the standard CRC Xti (not Altered Ego) to set the fastest and 2nd fastest laptimes in the A-main. Schreffler’s 9.737 second lap time was the quickest time with Knapp’s 9.827 second quickest. Both drivers suffered unlucky contact during the A main that prevented their lightning quick machines from taking the win. In addition, both drivers used the standard Xti; no extra parts, no options, no Altered Ego conversion, just standard geometry. With the standard Xti winning Vegas in October, Cleveland in November, and now in February at the Snowbirds setting fast laps and 2 cars taking the podium, only proves the standard Xti is a deadly quick 1:12th machine. Affordable, super lightweight, well supported and victorious!


2013 Snowbirds Top Qualifier

The fastest 13.5 cars in the A-main: Andrew Knapp (8.827)
and Jason Schreffler (8.737). Schreffler used the #3705 CRC
Rocket Fuel racing pack to set fast time.


1:12th Modified

The little rockets, 1:12th modifed. Blindingly fast and twitchy. The toughest of all carpet classes on chassis. At the 2013 Snowbirds, CRC had more Xti cars in the A-main than any other manufacturer. Max Kuenning, Dave Ehrlich and Andrew Knapp put their Xti Altered Ego machines in the A-main at the Birds. All 3 used CRC Pro Cut tires and with Dave Ehrlich using the #4169 Black Market “Mohawk” Body.


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