Styling in the UK

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CRC is Styling in Tamworth!

Mark Stiles takes 2

at Round 3 of the BRCA Nationals!

CRC driver Mick Farrell joins Mark on the Podium and co-leads the points!

The CRC UK dynamic duo of Mick Farrell and Mark Stiles. Mick grabbed the points lead in Tamworth with Mark taking the 10.5 win on Saturday and the Mod win on Sunday.

The British Radio Control Association (BRCA) continues to see great turnouts for 1:12th racing with nearly 100 entries each day on the 2-day National format. The tracks are very technical and fair for all as they are setup on the weekend with no “home track” heros. Until recently, it was an all modified affair, however, now some spec and sports classes are offered for those with less than lightning-quick reflexes and slightly smaller attachments (you know, smaller motors). The technical tracks combined with changing grip levels continue to produce brilliant drivers at the top of the “Formula 1 of R/C driving”, 1:12th scale.

This year joining the CRC team is Mark Stiles. In his 3rd race in the new CRC Xti, Mark nailed down a double victory, taking the win in the Sports 10.5 and Modified divisions. Mark used new tuning parts for the Xti, the Altered Ego chassis kit. This kit, which is targeted for these conditions (new layout, low grip, high speed modified) allowed Mark to run consistant for the entire modified run. Taking 3rd on the podium was point co-leader Mick Farrell driving the standard Xti . Both Mark and Mick used the World and National Champion winnng tire; CRC Track Magnets.


The Altered Ego Xti of Mark Stiles.
The Xti of Mick Farrell


In the books…

A big thanks to the BRCA and the UK racers for keeping 1:12th racing alive and well with great turnouts and strong competition. These BRCA Nationals are typically hosted by local clubs, with club members working hard to put down carpet for the weekend, lay out a race circuit, compete all weekend and then tear it all down and clean up. Not an easy chore. Also, congratulations to Mark Stiles and Mick Farrell for a fantastic result with their CRC shod Xti cars. Plymouth awaits the UK racers in February.

Happy Holidays.

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