CRC scores another major victory!

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Calandra Racing Concepts wins in Dallas!

CRC’s Max Kuenning does it again! Snowbirds in February and ROAR Nationals in March!

Fresh off his victory at the 2012 Snowbirds, Max Kuenning does it again, this time in 1:12th scale. Max used the CRC Gen-Xi (#3203) to power his way to a convincing win at the ROAR Nationals in Dallas.


At the 2012 ROAR Nationals, the 1:12th 17.5 class turned into a “who’s who’s” of R/C drivers with many top drivers jumping in the 17.5 division. In the “Triple-A” main format, CRC driver Max Kuenning took the first 2 mains to wrap up his National Championship in convincing fashion. The young man from New Mexico used a plethora of CRC goodies to power his way to his 2nd National Championship. For the body, Max chose the Black Art R8C (#4167) as this shell is known as the leader in steering with great stability. For power, Max used the CRC 6300 lipo pack (#3702) for the highest power with long term voltage to ensure he had no fade during the run. Kuenning used Pro Cut tires from CRC with magenta compound front tires complementing the pink compound rears. Joining Max in the A-main were CRC teammates Randy Grosse from North Dakota and the Tennessee tornado, Robert Dirla also using the full CRC race package.


2012 ROAR National Champion

The CRC race package-your one-stop shop for a
ROAR National Championship;

CRC Gen Xi car

CRC Pro Cut tires

CRC 1s Lipo pack

Hobbywing 1s controller from CRC

Black Art R8C body from CRC


In the 17.5 class, the Top Qualifier was the On-point front man and owner, Paul Cicarrello with Max a close second in qualifying. In the finals, the 2 drivers swapped positions with Max taking the ROAR National Championship. While the top 2 used a different chassis, they both chose the same power package; the Hobbywing 120a 1s speed control (#7002) and the CRC 6300 lipo pack (#3702). With the Hobbywing selling to the public at under $130 dollars, it proves that a ROAR National winning product can be acquired at an affordable price.


Hobbywing ESC and CRC lipos power the top 2
where power means the most, 17.5 Blinky 1:12th scale
Two different drivers and chassis, same power package;
Hobbywing ESC and CRC lipos!
Paul’s CRC lipo received the legendary battery boost from the
mad scientist Tony Carruba at Powerpush Batteries.


Congratulations to all the racers with a special thanks to the crew at Mike’s Hobby Shop in Dallas and the ROAR RMT. Kudos to Max for his second ROAR National Championship.



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